One-Hundred Silver Crates!

I have a suggestion about the silver crate.

I propose adding another option in addition to being able to buy one or ten crates at a time.

The option I would like for you to add is the ability to purchase One-Hundred crates at a time!

I merely suggest this because I buy a thousand crates a day to not only stockpile gear, but to also gain Heronium in order to have enough to get all the elements fragments that come daily in the Heronium store, so I can also “bank,” those fragments in order to level up new heroes and also some of my other heroes.

If Ten crates are $65k, now if we ten times that it would be $650k. But I suggest that you give those that buy One-Hundred at a time a discount. Say One-Hundred Silver crates for $500K.

Well that’s my pitch.
I await any and all feedback.

Yeah, imagine the lag for opening 100 crates

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This has been a topic at least twice, one of which appears to still be open.

Munnin will get the close hammer

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