Silver Crate

Would it be possible to get a buy 100 option with Silver Crates? A lot of us veteran players have a surplus of Kash! (mispelt on purpose) I am confident most players would appreciate this.


This man is a genius. Should be a MOD


I agree 100%. …

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Please, 1000 times yes to this,


I don’t know if your just bragging but a veteran player is someone who played SINCE beta and doesn’t mean anything about having much cash, IVE been playing since beta so

i cant have more than 2 mil at once and everyone wants a 1000 times opening? best would be 100


An experienced player doesn’t have to be there since beta. For me, an experienced player is someone who is familiar with the game.

On the topic of Bucks:

10 Crates cost 65,000
100 Crates then cost 650,000
1000 Crates then cost 6,500,00

How much could I buy then?


Edit: Maybe add that I’m 713 days old now and don’t use Bucks doublers. I know people from my alliance who already have more than 500,000,000 bucks (no beta, but bucks doublers)


@checkpoint I thought my cash reserves were good at 98 million. Your show up like Scrooge McDuck.
x100 silver crates for 650k would be a good start.

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People who started at the release could be seen as veterans as well, but yeah being familiar with the game means more than age

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What about I tell that I know litteraly everything about the game

Also 713 days isn’t beta

Then they tell me what I don’t know. I’m always open to new things

I didn’t say that I’ve been there since beta, but I claim to be a very experienced player

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Thats just his opinion, i disagree with him. But its all cool :slight_smile:

Whether this is arrogance I am not sure but claiming to know everything about the game most definitely doesn’t mean someone cannot be better at it than you or more knowledgeable than you. There are players who may have been playing less time than you, who are higher power than you, infact I guarantee there is. Whether you are a new or old player doesn’t matter, you will learn that late game when there is no way to spend cash other than bounty, Silver crates are useful and can provide a good conversion to heronium, having the option to buy 100 or even 1000 crates would be very useful.


A gentle reminder to focus on the topic at hand, and not attack each other. I am prepared to hand out yellow cards if this escalates.


Yup i think that he could have left out that veteran part out of his initial post but i wouldnt say he meant something bad with that.

Gotta say I wouldn’t mind a 100X option on the silver crate.


Yeah I didn’t mean it to be arrogant, but just, I have almost 900 days on the game and mostly I do pvp and study heroes and yeah, I don’t know how to say it different but its just, I have alooooot of experience without any arrogance, sorry if I came over toxic I am sometimes just a bit bad at saying this kind of stuff

I’ve been playing the longest, so that settles that.


@Muninn, Regardless of play time what is the likelihood of getting the buy 100 or buy 1000 option for silver crates?

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