Open up a betting feature

In one game I casually played a year ago they had this cool feature that I’d love to see in Hero Hunters.
It was basically scheduled battles between bots where you could bet on which one you’d think should win. Any kind of IN GAME RESOURCE could be used and those who guessed the correct winning team would split the pot accordingly due to how much stake they put in.

No real money included.
I gave this suggestion to another game some while back and I was SEVERELY ATTACKED since gambling isn’t allowed in all countries but what I’m looking is nothing like that.

In 15 minutes all gold promoted level 40 Gammond and Maven will face Moss and Flatline. Makes your bets. Discuss in the dedicated chat room. Then watch the match.
Which team would win?


I like the idea of this


It’s basically something to do while the stamina fills up and all PVP hearts are depleted. I mean you can stills risk only a buck or a canister for the thrill (but don’t expect a big win on that low stake).

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I like that idea. could solve the buck porblem, if you are willing to take a risk.

Which game did you get this from? I think i saw a feature like that before, but can´t remember where.

I saw it in a game called C.A.T.S, haha. It’s short for Crash Arena Turbo Stars. You build a war-car and battle against another cat in another car. It was fun for a few weeks.


@ULFPAM Lol, I know that one

Ahhhh yes, played that one too :grin:

But it got pure cash grab after a while so i quited. But till then it was a fun game.

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