Subway lag

I’ve played a while. I still don’t know how my team is still running into position yet the opponent is firing. It does feel unfair.

yeah, I know this post is old…but it’s still open and I had time to read a lot today. Anyway, I get this all the time. I’m not sure if it’s real or an illusion, but it sure looks real. I do know this though…it depends on the map sometimes but in general the rear line heroes get into position first, then the mid line, then the front line. Also, depending on the map (like the sewer), your hero may have to run down a scaffolding while the enemy has already reached their spot. AND, your team composition (number of tanks, midlines, and rearlines) can put your heroes in spots they normally aren’t and take longer to get there. So, if you are piloting a front line hero at the start of the match you will see the mid and rear line enemies firing as you are still jumping into position.

BUT, there have certainly been times, where my team composition and the enemies were virtually identical and they were firing before me for reasons unknown.