Optional confirmation on all gold purchases

Please have a confirmation for all purchases using gold. I’ve now bought stamina for the second time unintentionally while trying to view something in my notifications. Without a confirmation dialog at best it looks like an oversight, at worst like you’re trying to trick people into spending money.

Having a confirmation dialog will actually encourage people to buy gold because they won’t worry about it accidentally spent on crap they don’t want.


I agree - a confirmation on any gold purchases is an absolute requirement. Especially with the new sneaky gold-based purchase that appears in the Black Market in the same place as the purchases with bucks in the new update, it just smacks as trying to trick people into spending their gold on things they don’t want to spend it on. This has been a long-standing issue on hard-mode resets as well. Unintentionally spending gold isn’t fun or a good way to improve your revenue stream, it’s a good way to alienate your customers.


Hey @Jansen & @MF1! Have you checked out our latest August Update? We’re really excited to share that we’ve added confirmation buttons for Promotional Special Offers and while using Store Restocks. Thanks for your feedback, improving these Store features wouldn’t be possible without your voices. :blush: