Why haven’t we done this yet

We all know Oro, our big squishy phone charger, as we all know he is kind of underpowered, he gains buffs from being low but for some reason even though those buffs his damage stays low and his effectiveness stays low to, but why don’t we do something about it? Post any ideas on how to rework him under this post, my opinion is to actually make him receive 1 percent less more damage every percentage of hp he lost, would make him a great tank

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Oro doesn’t need to be a tank, he’s a Frontline Glass Cannon / Support
If you want to increase his damage, you can put Francoise and Halo.
But he’s a raid and bounty hero, not so much for PvP.

Agree!! Oro is really useless…
He needs some nerfs… maybe, more ammo capacity or much faster reload, or anything…

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Yes, more nerfs for oro


HAha, nerfes means making him weaker, but yeah, make him serve a purpose as I honestly love to get the max out of every hero, even in normally useless Heroes I make good use

Bring back his unlimited ammo on his plat…that would be a start. Idk why they nerfed that in the first place!

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For the damage he deals himself, Meltdown should do an additional debuff, like a decreased firing rate or increased vulnerability to crits for a short while. I honestly think a damage boost would do it well.

I also really wish his Caber Nuke was more effective too. It would be great if it sapped all skill cool downs a bit each second for the enemies affected.

Or, maybe Caber Nuke could be an effect that turns healing received into damage received. For example, if Nightingale heals someone for 40,300 with this effect, that 40,300 would instead deal damage.

Oro has no use in this meta anyways, why not more nerfs. On par with Klayton uselessness

Yes yosai but I was talking to the other guy, and also, seems like a good buff

Whaaaat?? He used to had unlimited ammo in the past? So, no need to reload…

Well, there’s some skill…

He’s no glass cannon. He’s just glass.

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Never underestimate heroes.

Oro is and was a trash-cannon for the last 1000 days. I think nerfing him would make the game much more enjoyable, seeing him and Klayton just rott away lmao

Funny, considering he and Klayton are the “tough guys” in HH.

Seriously though, I wish Oro was given a massive upgrade that made him feared. All those muscles don’t do squat.

I will always underestimate Oro and Klayton, they aren’t on par with other good frontline units