Oro suggestions

Hey there, enjoying playing with Oro, but I find his gold ability to be fairly useless at this point. He doesn’t really get much benefit below the 50% mark and once he hits 25% he’s instantly dead. I’ve tried running him with heroes like Mandrake and Halo for their gold abilities to heal during those thresholds, but even with 3 or 4 heals on him, as soon as he hits that super super critical point, he basically just commits suicide (generally in the middle of a reload, so there isn’t even a chance to make use of his infinite clip bonus)

Possible suggestion: Lower Oro’s base damage by 15% and remove the 25% threshold for Super Critical, lumping in all the bonuses and damage to self at the 50% threshold and make the damage he takes actually mitigatable by 2-3 healing effects.

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Thanks for the suggestion here @WiskeyTangoFoxtrot !

Just wanna chime in here too. I have him at gold and have been trying to make him work by giving heals or shields or both but he just dies once he’s below 50%. Damaging himself below 25% is also probably a bad thing because chances are, if he got that low, he was getting focused. So, in my personal experience his gold skill is essentially useless.

For this, I think he needs either % damage reduction while in super critical mode or even just a bit of self sustain like how “berserker” class characters play in other games. Damage reduction or life leech. This ensures that he’s just like his in game description. Focus him or die. I also like Whiskey’s suggestion of removing the 25% and just giving all the buffs at 50%.

Also, his normal shots seem very clunky, I think. The gun he’s holding looks more like a cannon/minigun rather than a sniper rifle. Maybe give him a 5 round magazine so he doesn’t always have to crouch. I’m sure his quadriceps will thank you guys.

If he gets some changes I’ll be forever thankful because I really like oro’s concept and his look.

I feel oro has 2 bugs.

  1. His basic shot damages enermy first while bullet is still flying.
  2. Caber nuke’s effect order is quite wired. It works as this, hit & stun then lagging like 2secs damage enermy. It will be more natural if hit & damage immediately.
    BTW, his gold skill doesnt work well. He only has one shot. In most time he takes time to target like a sniper. Boosting basic damage and loading speed is not so useful. Unlimited ammunition is the only shining point.

I’ve been playing around with him across different game modes and i don’t know if he doesn’t have enough support or something but he seems to instakill himself at 25% with the gold skill. Like, I’ve honestly never seen the unlimited ammo effect because he dies before he gets even 2 shots in.

At this point, I feel like he shouldn’t even damage himself at 25% because he dies anyway.

You are right. I dont see unlimited ammo. When under 25% he does nothing but just kill himself instantly.