Total injustice

Well, at some point, we will have to do something so that the opposing teams are obliged to use heroes of the faction of the month! We are living a total injustice … if you can not prevent that, you have to at least make sure that those who use heroes of the faction of the month have an advantage compared to those who show a total anti gambling. …

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I don’t follow here.
I assume you’re talking about PVP. Using the featured faction gives more PVP points when winning.

Why is it so important that the opposing team is using featured heroes?

Yeah…the advantage of using featured faction heroes is to get more points, i saw nothing is unfair

I don’t see the problem. So is your point to be that all players use the faction’s heroes or what?

honestly it is a big gamble
during the people’s guard event i won 150 thousand points using the bonesed faction

This is how you are benefitted from using the featured faction. Almost a million PVP points per victory. If people don’t want that, then feel free to use the non-featured heroes. I don’t care which heroes I am fighting against.

Just saying here, won 3 matches with gold bonused heroes and I got the division 1 just like that

What he is saying is that it doesn’t matter what the bonus is, 30 x 0 is still 0. Sure the points incentivise using featured heroes, but it doesn’t matter if you can just as easily if not more easily than un a meta on auto and annihilate everyone in less time for equal pts. So far, during the Shoremen PvP events less than 20% of teams are using any featured heroes. Additionally, not using featured heroes goes against the spirit of the event. I’m sure that the same people who don’t use Shoremen for PvP aren’t holding to that during the Bounty events. Yes, my numbers might be a bit extreme, but it’s for illustrative purposes. During this month’s PvP I’ve won about 90% when facing those using featured heroes and about 20% vs those who didnt.

Ah, so it’s more for the spirit of the PVP event’s sake he / you want to see more Shormen?

Personally, I think that if you want to compete in the featured hero events you should use them. Free play should always be around as an alternative to these events when your heroes die.

Depending on the featured heroes i usually do a 2 or 3 split of featured heroes and add them to a stable pvp core of 3 or 2 heroes. It provides extra points and doesnt lose all thr time.

Featured - Featured - Featured - Halo - Mauler

Or whatever. I just screw around snd try dumb teams, it doesnt always work out but who cares if i get some fun outta it.

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