Easy way to make PVP great again

What is main problems in PVP? Right, abusers of broken combo of various characters. Even sanbaggers and minmaxers make a treat to fair players in first with that and only second with big difference in power level.

So devs no need nerf or buffs for bring back old fun times. They need destroyed curent meta ties. Mandrake/Flatline, Flatline/Ifrit, etc.

Do you play in HOMM series? III? V? In HOMM if you put best creatures from various castles in one combo you quickly find what they start often skip turn and miss in battle. Some castles neutral to ech other, but some is blood enemies. So put Archangels with Archdemons in one party is bad idea. Especially when you also use Behemoths and Gydras. How about make our analog of morale/dismorale system based on factions? Even lore of Hero Hunters say about it.

For example, look most standart combo. Dogface, Flatline, Mandrake, Butter, Ifrit. This is five completely different main ideas.

Info screen of Rangers factions say what everyone scare of them, info screen of Magistrate say what this peoples is heavy weaponry current peacemakers and love rules & law, Morlocks instead is pure anarchy, Patriots wanna back old World Order before Z day, UAF is military of currrent World Order.

So Dogface never work together with Mandrake, unwelcome to Flatline, kill the Ifrit and only Butter is his true ally. Same boat and with other.

Make big penalties for parties with various factions and make great buffs if player use one faction or few friendly faction. Neutral faction is no bonus. With this system all players force to find, learn and play with all roster instead current top 10 chars.

Another proposition – lock some heroes for main PVP faction tournament. Again all this based on faction. If we have tournaments with faction of mounth – lock their enemies.


Some excellent ideas in here. Gives new meaning to ‘Faction Bonus’ instead of just added PvP bonus points.

This is similar to an idea that constant comes up in conversation here. There are a few kinks in the idea what we haven’t quite solved. It’s like the idea of a set bonus, or faction bonus.

Having Sapphyr and Odachi in a group for a specific bonus kind of thing. Certainly talked about

Great idea…can’t wait to see that happening

I think best way is permanent positive or negative effects like in Simulator mode. For example if player have 3 or more factions in squad – activate negative effect for each of usable factions. 3 or more non removable negative status is good motivation to play fair. Same boat and with positive faction bonus. More one faction heroes – player obtain more strong bonuses. Or have more strong amplifier like Castellian turret (bullets > rockets).

I like your idea in theory, but it could be really restrictive. After all, we already have the element bonuses in place. Imagine having a mismatched faction team of bio heroes vs a team of the same faction getting bonuses AND being energy. It would mean you are all but guaranteed to lose before the match has even started.

Instead I would rather see the developers focus on making a bunch of heroes viable in PVP. I hate that we get these flavor of the month (or several month…) meta teams that pop up and everyone and their mother switches to them. It would be nice if we saw 5 or 6 really viable metas and 20 heroes that were actually good in PVP at any given time. This way the game could be more about skill and less about who has the strongest flavor of the month team. .

Without Ronin and Flat I still see enough variation to me imo. The attackers, healers and shielders still vary enough for me not to be bored seeing them repetitively. Ronin needs to be nerfed and a strong anti-reviver/healer needs to be added if you want to change this meta thing.

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Are you try read tbe text, lol? Not only one faction but freindly faction too. Plus devs always may change element of some heroes any time. For example Ryker was energy hero in past.

Your way is same shit which kill the game now. Whoa! 20 top heroes instead 10. How interesting… Now go play with Ronin, lol. This tread for those who wanna see viable all 70 heroes

huh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
can somebody confirm this?

Can confirm.

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That will never happen. The skills of many characters are just clearly subpar. Boosted team synergy might see more play for some average heroes but the crap heroes have no hope without a revamp. Unless the team boosts are going to be game-breakingly huge, using optimal heroes will definitely overcome that handicap easily.

Wow. You really do learn somethin new everyday, huh.

He also was without eyepatch. :upside_down_face: