Permanently delete chat

Hey there just wanted to know if im missing something in chat. I know you can x and close out the conversation. But i want to know if we’re able to permanently delete the whole conversation. If not then i think there should be a way to do so. Some conversations get too long or maybe you just dont want to see it again. Either way I’d like to request a way to have it permanently deleted. Thank you!:blush:

One time I had someone message me again, and I could see our conversation from 2 months ago, so there doesn’t seem to be a way to permanently delete it. Even so, I don’t see it as a problem; in fact, I welcome it.

If there’s a conversation you don’t want to see again, you could, of course, delete it (hit X on the chat tab that’s under Alliance chat, Global, and VIP). In case they message you again, you can block them and/or choose to only have Private Chat channels with those that are Friends with you (with the latter, strangers won’t be able to just “hop in those DMs” anymore).

True, i just feel all the old messages should have a way to be deleted. And if I only allow friends to message me then trading becomes much more difficult too. I suppose I’ll just have to endure it. Thank you for your response!

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