Phoenix: define "minimal damage"

Using Phoenix here. Am not impressed! However I intend to raise her to Gold as my frist Gold hero this week because that Gold skills seems to somehow compensate for the self harm she does (and I can’t find another Gold skill that looks cooler in my roster).

However what I want to discuss is her Bronze skill. It sure does good damage to the target. The deal is that Phonenix also deal damage to herself, according to the game this is “minimal damage” but I can’t find a definition of what minimal means. To me it looks like he hurts herself for 2300 / second which is… A lot. Am I wrong here?

I’m glad you posted this!

Here’s my advice:

Save your resources for someone much more worthwhile.
I understand your way of thinking, because I too thought her gold skill was cool, and I made her my very first Gold hero. Come to find out, however, its completely useless.

Please refer to this link for a previous thread about this topic: Pheonix Gold Passive Ability

I hope the devs consider giving her a buff :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I might reconsider, leaving her at Silver. What your take on her self-harm from the Bronze skill then?

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I mean, it’s whatever, haha!
I’m not really a fan of any sort of “damage trade-offs”
I’d rather there be no self-harm at all. :sweat_smile:

After this thread was created I stopped upgrading and stopped using Phoenix,
maybe she’s been in my C or D teams in Gauntlet. However today I got her fragments from 2 gold crates. So I could raise her to 6 stars. Which I did. And I pumped her Silver and Bronze skills up a bit more.
She still plays really bad. I can’t get over that the game says that she deals “minor damage to herself” when it’s actually 3000-4000 / second for 7 seconds. That a lot of self-damage, not minor.

She’s basically Maven, but with self-harm symtoms, and worse damage output. Not impressed since she’s a 5 star.

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She is in dire need of a rework.
Hopefully next update.
Fingers crossed.

We have all the solutions:
take the self-harm away, make her shield instead while her bronze is active. Or make her heal up 50% of the damage she deals.
Her silver is fine I guess… Just boost the damage by 10 - 15% or make it an AoE.

Her gold, I still haven’t unlocked it, but I suppose is mandatory for a character named Phoenix to resurrect herself. However judging from your explanation earlier her resurrection needs to rework. My suggestion is that when Phoenix is downed by an enemy she will ascend to the sky then come CRASHING down inflicting burn and stun on all enemies before she resurrects at 50% health.

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That would be awesome. Love your gold skill suggestion.

As of now, she stands straight up and holds her arms out to the side (as if she was being crucified) and stays that like for 6 entire seconds… but usually dies within 0.5 seconds…

Maybe instead of 6 seconds, it could be reduced to 3 seconds, along with a shield boost.
At the end of the 3 seconds, she could revive at 50% health, ascend, crash down, and detonate a shockwave of flames that damages all opponents of the enemy team.

She is sadly, one of the poorly designed heroes =(. Her gold is like gammond’s so Poobgloob is right, gold someone else if you want to push campaign better.

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