Pheonix Gold Passive Ability


I have had my 5 :star: Pheonix at Gold for a few weeks now. She was actually one of my first two heroes I brought to Gold and has been in my main line-up for a while. Based on my experience with her in the different game modes, especially PvP, I find that her Gold passive is completely and utterly useless and ineffectual.

Below I have attached her Gold Passive skill at 5 :star: level 50.

At the time of her death, she enters into Pheonix Flame, which allows her to revive with half her health after 6 seconds IF she doesn’t take 21,502 damage within this time.
In my experience, of all the times I’ve used her (lots), she has only survived those 6 seconds maybe two or three times, and that was only because the players I was fighting against didn’t continue to shoot me in this state.

Dealing 21,502 damage in 6 whole seconds, especially when the Hero is throwing their arms into the sky, making themselves as helpless and vulnerable as ever, is an extremely achievable task, making her passive as useful as if she didn’t even have one in the first place.

Does anyone else who has her at Gold agree with me?

I would like to suggest a reduced amount of time by half (6 -> 3 seconds) and an increased shield amount while she is in this state, or maybe even a regenerative shield, because she virtually NEVER makes it through her Phoenix Flame the way that it is now.


Thanks for this. I have 5 star Phoenix at Silver-3 and was debating whether or not to upgrade her to gold. I like that she is very tanky and does semi-decent damage but wasn’t sure how useful her gold ability would be in practical terms.

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Sounds like a good plan. I also have phoenix and have yet to push her to gold (silver 3 as well). I figured that even the AI who tends to target weak or almost dead guys would just make the skill useless. I would think being able to take cover or move would also be an option (i actually thought thats how it worked; i could control her during the 6 seconds), but if shes just standing there with a progress bar, its pointless. The only time i could see it working now is if mandrake is on the team and it makes her invisible, but that might not even be the case as she already died and is in special pheonix flame state.

Seeing that shes a 5 star DPS with less DPS than some others, giving her this for survivability makes sense to me.


I totally agree her Phoenix state is just too vulnerable too long :frowning: .If she was able to move or atleast shorten the 6 secs her G skill would be somewhat useful . She is my 2nd hero I got from the crates so I feel sentimental about her and really wish I could use her more .

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I hear ya, I got her in my first 10x crate, then chesterfield (the farmable 5 star) in my second one…both pretty bad as far as 5 stars goes. They weren’t my only 5 stars, but still not one people want to see in a 5 star.

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Maybe she comes back quicker but with less health and immune from damage from whoever gave her the fatal blow for 10 seconds

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Still is a relevant issue whenever the gold ability triggers she dies really quickly (1-2 seconds)

Don’t want to condone necro-ing but, I agree, this is still an issue. Don’t love the idea of decreasing the timer but increasing the shield seems fair.

I have her maxed 10* plat 3 and it’s 206k damage.

Quite regularly she will revive her self.

Even when she is last alive vs 5 heroes I’ve still had her respawn.

If it works as-is for 10* heroes, that’s good to know but it still needs tweaking for star levels below that.
Basically, I’d look at bot-PvP games where the bottom team had a phoenix that is killed. In x% (33?) of games, regardless of star level, phoenix should revive. If it’s already at that 1-in-3 level for 10*s, leave the upper bound as is and tweak the base level and the incremental increase amount.

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