Phoenix' is tankier than expected

She got thrown around, yet she still managed to survive (the match ended with Phoenix alive and the rest of the enemy team dead)

Exactly 1 health left.

Absolute madwoman.

Learn to shoot man, that’s just 1 easy headshot to finish her…

Also noticed in bot matches when she is actually the final kill in pvp and she revives the game denies you 20 points haha

Apparently it also happens versus human players

Kraterios, I’m a noob :frowning: can’t aim flying targets.

I love Phoenix, what the devs did for her (somewhat quietly) was great. I’d rate her damage as tier 1.5 and overall 7/10… she is great at catching heavy mech teams unawares. Only wish there would be a Phoenix dedicated event, but she is a native 5-star and Morlocks month just ended…

I have her at 5 stars currently, how does she do at 8-stars and above? I could use my bio frags on her but holding off for now.

I don’t think it was a quiet change she got in the July update. But a good one indeed! I often use Phoenix in my main-team, she’s a crazy beast.
I have a 8* Gold version. If she can pee uninterrupted she’ll kill almost anyone.

It’s easy to shoot flying targets, learn to predict the flying trajectory.

y = a • ( x - b )² + c

Just simple math

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My Phoenix isn’t very high level yet, but her basic attack seems incredibly weak? I feel like I am shooting with Matador when I use her gun.

Her Incinerate does amazing damage on the other hand. Even at 6* gold she can do over 200k vs mech heroes with a full channel of it. The problem is just keeping her alive and actually making her useful when she is waiting for Incinerate to come up.

My 8* Phoenix has a DPS value of 19000, her weapon does 3200 damage per shot.
While Matador is just 7* his damage output is significantly lower: 10000 DPS and 1300 damage per shot.

Phoenix can be a brutal hero. The problem is that she is way to easy to interrupt. A smart player (or someone not so smart who has lost too many mech heroes to her, like me) will keep something to interrupt her channeling as soon as it starts

Phoenix is awesome, i put her only slightly below dogface & panzer in terms of meta dps heroes.

Its pretty easy to avoid getting interrupted as most teams you’ll encounter don’t run a lot of offensive skills. heimlock, caine, night (blinding shot can occasionally stun), and dogface all don’t have any way to stagger a channeled skill. Sometimes only a panzer or mandrake can actually break incinerate, and Phoenix has a handy silencing silver that has a pretty short-ish cooldown. Even with the 70% chance, its way more reliable than Maven’s and charges & casts faster than Salvatore’s and literally none of the other silencing heroes are even remotely close to meta. If you’re worried about getting staggered from cover just stand in the open, Phoenix has more than enough HP and is rarely focused.

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