Phoenix is a Morlock but don't get bonus

Phoenix is a Morlock but she doesn’t get bonus in this current PVP tournament. Why is it? I’m a bit disappointed because I just upgraded her.

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it was mentioned on discord. they are aware of it

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It wasn’t mentioned here, nor was a message sent out. Not everyone has time to read every single messages on discord. Some of us has this thing called a Job. A simple message sent out to everyone’s inbox is all we ask for.


You don’t have to read every thing to find it. It’s literally the only thing posted today in the help & questions section. Someone mentioned it. They replied.


Maybe she will be moved to other faction in the future?

Discord has a search function within a server where you can find messages from a specific person. They should have sent out a message in-game, too.

We are aware and working on a fix! Thanks for the report.


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