Points awarded in Sappyre+Mandrake don’t seem to add up!

I did a calculation based on the rules stipulated and the number don’t seem to add up!

In my last battle, the combine power of my and my opponent was 29,601.

Given that I did use Mandrske in that battle, I should have been awarded 29,601x5=148,005 points.

But when I double check my point record, it increased from 456,211 to 500,725, which meant the system awarded me 44,514 points.

Can someone explained to me is this suppose to add up according to the rules stipulated?

Only Mandrake’s power is multiplied x5

So, instead of adding 3.702 score, he adds 18.510 score to the pool, in case you win.

3.702x5 + 2.624 + 2.804 + 2.252 + 3.606 + 2.303 + 2.592 + 2.892 + 2.387 + 4.439 = 44.409

If it were like you said, not owning both event heroes would make 100% impossible to compete against people with them. This way, they give a huge advantage, but it can still be competed against

You still got 106 points out of nowhere, tho


I see, that made more sense, thanks.

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