Power Growth Tutorial and How It Relates to Frags

This tutorial is dedicated to teaching and reminding many of us the various ways you can focus on your overall growth in-game.

  1. Silver crate heroes - Silver crate heroes are available in the Silver Crate store. These purchases can be made with either 6,500 bucks or 65,000 bucks (preferred once you obtain a constant flow of bucks and/or a surplus of bucks). The various Silver crate heroes that are available are as follows: Ryker, Cross, Nightingale, Dogface, Hardscope, Sentry, Cast, Beck, Maven, Keel, Pris, Matador, and Castellan. By maximizing your chances at pulling crates and obtaining these heroes at 10*s, you increase your chances at obtaining Heronium, which can then be spent to obtain Mech, Bio, Energy, and Universal fragments for heroes of your choosing, which you have already obtained.

  2. PVP crate heroes – PVP crate heroes are available by obtaining 5 wins in PVP. These crates drop every 5 wins. The various PVP crate heroes are as follows: Sentry, Clyde, Maven, Richter, Razorback, Mandrake, Surge, Pris, Mauler, Steele, Gammond, Ghoul, Fortress, Castellan, Callidus, and Cast. By maximizing your chances through PVP wins and in obtaining fragments of these heroes, you speed up your ability to 10* these heroes.

  3. PVP store hero fragments – PVP store hero fragments change upon each reset. By obtaining PVP gems from successful kills, regardless of whether you win or lose, you are able to obtain fragments of heroes found within the game. These heroes change randomly and I believe they are updated every patch. I am unsure, so please assist if you know why certain heroes appear vs. others who don’t.

  4. Campaign bonus win quick runs – When you run out of stamina, you are allowed up to 8 free campaign bonus wins. I typically will use these bonus wins to farm Hard Mode stages for frags. You can earn up to 56 frags per week if you do this every day, which adds up fast! It also helps fill the gaps when you need them most. My suggestion is to figure out which hero you want and who is farmable and then focus on them as you play the game on a daily basis. It’ll help you 10* a hero faster than you realize.

  5. War Heroes – I want to add a section here, because not many know of this. If you desire to be war active and/or obtain a better top 5 hero selection, review the account, “Skathi.” She updates her heroes the soonest they are available (including skins) to give us a reference by which we can work our top 5, top 10, top 15, top 20 heroes, etc. She is a great resource! I will typically aim for a farmable War Hero from Hard Mode campaign stages in this endeavor and I use my Free Daily Campaign Bonus quick runs to farm for these particular heroes. Right now, that is Wesson and Yeager for me, personally.

  6. VIP 10 and Gauntlet – Once you obtain VIP 10, you are able to run gauntlet at a more efficient pace. Rewards are increased and you should be able to obtain enough quick wins to quick run the first 5 sectors. You earn 2x rewards from Gauntlet from VIP 10. (THANKS VIP CHAT! Isbanah, Maximus Rex 420, Crey5, Tollboothkyle)

  7. PVP bracket changes to drops – DO NOT hesitate in growth of your power in relation to the different PVP brackets. By jumping up in PVP brackets, you do not increase your chances at facing more difficult PVP’ers. Instead, you obtain better drops, which only aids in the long run as you seek greater growth.

  8. 5 sets of free stamina videos – This is the final section and must be reminded to those of us who gloss over this. This was added in the last patch and allows us a greater ability to farm for stamina. By watching 5 2-sets of videos, you are able to obtain more stamina for all the things you love to do!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Whether you be a noob, veteran, or elite player, I think this resource is beneficial for all players, if not, just a reminder of some of the options we have to grow in power. Keep on Hunting!

P.S. I will continually update this as more information and/or updates change things within the game.


Lol that’s what you needed the vip 10 thing for

Yeah man! This was my first tutorial! :slight_smile: Hope you enjoyed it! I enjoyed creating it.

I’ve been playing since February of 2018, and didn’t even think to use the 8 Campaign bonus quick runs to farm frags. One of the reasons I come to the forums is to see if I am overlooking something, and you nailed it on the head.
Thanks for this post.

Fine tips. I would add that you try to maximize CINDER / SURGE / MATA as soon as possible to develop heronium

Thanks for the tutorial, I call myself something between veteran and elite. I just want to make a few small comments.

to 1. If you get 10 boxes (65k Bucks, they are guaranteed at least 1 fragment, always in 10th position, with a little luck maybe more) 65k bucks for 1 fragment or 50 Heronium, is good or not?

to 2. Your listed heroes of the PVP box refer to the Mythical realm (1.5 mil power or more) I have a 2nd acc in Beginner area and this one does not have all the heroes listed. I think it would be better if they had written “… look at the heroes in their PVP box …”

to 3. there are always 2 heroes guaranteed to stay in the shop for 30 days (at the moment Fisher and Sapphyr)

to 4. If you already have all heroes at 10 * you can collect 14 pieces of equipment in Hardmode District. If they then take one of the fields with a hero on it, they get Gear, Heronium and save 160 energy per day (2800 Heronium per Week / they save 1120 Energy per week)

I think they should make a difference, though small, between beginner and elite.

Heroes have been part of the Daily Quests for ages. The only change (as far as I can remember) is Cinder instead of Salvatore for the 13 completed quests

was so close to a 10* salvatore

Random Q, but if I complete a mission with two separate equipment rewards, does that mean my chance of getting either reward is 50% of what it would be if there was only one equipment reward?

Nope. The drop rates are dependent only on what the item itself is. So any given drop will have the same rate from every mission in which it’s found (regardless of what else is available there).

The caveat here is that hard mode missions appear to double(?) the drop rates. Devs are decidedly secretive about the drop rate differences between normal and hard mode missions, but anecdotal evidence seems to consistently suggest that rates are significantly higher from hard mode.


I’m on the brink of moving up to the next bracket and my concern isn’t drops but reward rankings. I always aim for top 7% where I’m at but the next power bracket looks a lot more competitive. Competitiveness is great, but that means more effort on my part which is not great since my time is limited as is lol.

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Keep in mind that rewards are much higher as you move up the brackets. If you’re used to top 7% where you are, you will probably get close to the same rewards for placing top 15% in the next one.

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This is fantastic. Pm me at Razielo, in-game and we can discuss how I can effectively add to these differences for my next update to this document. Thank you so much bro.

I’ve seen this too where its almost close to guaranteed (from my own personal POV) that Plat gear is received at a higher frequency from hard stages than normal ones. Maybe it’s just luck, but it’s what I’ve personally witnessed.

The competitiveness only exists within the people of that bracket. I don’t have many problems getting into top 100 or top 250 and it translates somehow to the same amount of work I was always customed to.

Well done. Thanks for creating!

With the creation of the upcoming patch for HH’s anniversary update, it is apparent I must now create a new section related solely to skins! Since every hero will now be receiving a skin, this is a very quick way to growing them in power as every little bit of increase changes a hero for the better substantially vs. their default counterpart! Additions to armor, crit, and other fun percentages truly does make a difference, especially if anyone knows regarding the difference between facing a skinned 4-cep vs. not.

P.S. tried to edit my original post, but was unable to, may need a computer to do so! MORE INFORMATION TO COME WHEN THE UPDATE DROPS!