Pulling Bounties on Extreme

I like to save stamina for bounties. It is helps to reduce the large cash drop from bounty. However, my current build relies primarily on extreme missions. In the last two bounties I have noticed that the extreme missions do not pull bounties. Can bounties be added to the extreme missions? I do not want to have to choose between build and bounty participation.

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I think its because extreme mission are recognized as normal, so the summon rate in extreme = normal.

I noticed this in the past where i use to spend 200 stam on 3.2 extreme, but barely any bounty got summoned.

If you are pulling any it is more than me. Since I have been paying attention I have used about 4 k stamina with no bounties pulled. Are you sure that you have pulled some?

It’s very rare, hence why i said barely any bounty got summoned.

I’ve never had a bounty summoned in extreme mode

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