Bounties hard to find

Went through 206 stamina, no available team bounties and not one discovered. Bounties not popping up is becoming a real problem and it seems the only way to keep a steady flow is to spend ridiculous cash to buy a bounty.

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This has been true for me as well. I Haven’t pulled a single bounty today from raids, co ops, or pvp. Only get them by summoning.

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I think you meant mech bounties are hard to find. Anytime we summon bounties it’s mainly 60% energy 35% bio 5% mech same thing happened last morlock bounty as well


No I meant all bounties. Today I went through 190 stamina, 5 rounds of gauntlet, 4 co-op’s and found just 1 bounty. At the time my team only had 2 available bounties so it isn’t a matter of too many bounties at one time

You need to save a couple million bucks for bounty, only real way to play bounty decent