Aim Assist / Auto-aim wont turn off

Not sure if this happens to others, but I have dealt with it for far too long. My aim assist is turned off in my profile settings and displays being off during game play yet after reloading and quickly going to fire my hero’s automatically aim down and towards the left. This problem significantly gets worse when it is Shivs vs one of Castellan’s turrets. I was ok with this problem until it was magnified with the speed of Shivs quick reload/ fire rate. If this problem could be fixed the game would be more enjoyable.

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Yes!! Having this problem too! So annoying when my aim snaps onto another enemy which forces me to slowly adjust my aim. This makes it hard to rapid fire with heroes with fast reload times and small ammo capacity. Not to mention sometimes you just want destroy cover (strategically or just for fun).

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That mainly happens when I tried to use skills on his turret. They always miss down and to the left.

yep, I have the same issue. most annoying when I want to shoot an invisible character and the auto aim puts me on a visible one that I don’t want to shoot. Shooting cover is another problem; a little less annoying there but it’s still an aim adjust I don’t want to make. I’d like my cross-hairs to stay where I put them.

By default, with aim assist turned off, the game will still try to snap to a target if you’re nowhere near aiming at a target, and if you’re close to one, it’ll snap to it to assist you. From there, you’re on your own.

If you see anything really weird, like snapping to the side with no target there, attach a video. Otherwise, that’s unfortunately part of the design.

Ok sir. I’ll just deal as I have been. I’m just curious, if aim assist off still tries to put me on a target, then was does aim assist on do? Reason I ask is I can’t tell the difference, which is why I thought “off” was broken.

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It’ll stick to targets more. It “feels” sticky. Hard to describe.

With aim assist on the effect is much more dramatic. I think of it as a magnifying glass while the crosshair is on a hero/summon, it takes a longer stroke to bring aim off one of those target. To make heads shots easier since the travel is more forgiving.

AAh, ok. understood, thank you!