PVP not real (ANSWERED)

Unfortunately, as a new user I can only included one embedded photo on my post, so I will attach one to this, and will have a second post as a “(Part 2)” simply for the second photo.

I have a handful of heroes I haven’t levelled in any manner aside from their fragments collected. I figured it would be interesting to run these heroes in PVP to see how they perform on somewhat of their, “baseline” as there is little room for variation. I was surprised to see the monster I matched with, nearly 10*ing their unlevelled heroes. Searched him up verbatim in the game, turns out his stats were false and manipulated by the game to provide me an unfair opponent.

PVP is false and manipulated (beyond simply matching you to an ACTUALLY stronger opponent).

Mod gave fair explanation of mechanics involved.

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It’s no secret that if we can’t find you a good match, we sometimes serve AI matches. Sometimes, they’re fake AI teams the system comes up with to provide a good match. Sometimes, they’re ghosts of previous players. Sometimes, they’re a combination of a player name and a computer-generated team.

Since nobody goes into PvP with 1* Greens at Level 1, you were served the latter. This isn’t really news. We’ve talked openly about this before.

However, there’s a problem with your statement: you’re drawing a graph with one data point. It’s nowhere near reality. PvP is against real players when real players are available. If you try to goof the system with a ridiculous setup like this, you’ll be served an AI team, because there’s nobody else trying to do the same thing.


Fair enough, I’m not really involved on the forums (made the acc. for this post) so I admittedly have not done the due diligence on the matter. Appreciate the transparency & quick response.

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Another thing to note: Star levels add only a little bit of Stat power. So do Grades. So do Levels. When you combine them all together, that’s when you see a difference. At level 1, Green, this match is actually pretty even despite the Star level difference.


That is nothing like the reality of pvp, when you balance your heroes then I think I will see more of you here,

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