Pvp supposed to be fun

You did listen and made many changes plus extra(do you really thing people play for extra piece of bone?!). But you still don’t get it that pvp is not fun and it never was. Instead of fixing skills with resets, you just lower hits and it’s impossible to kill a hero without skills. Very smart if you plan to play by yourself with yourself hothead. Pvp supposed to he fun! You big so call project of fixing heroes is complete nonsense in my personal opinion. Don’t you have anyone who used to play regular shooting game over network? ohh mama mia

There’s been one Roles Warfare update,
a second one is coming soon. Let’s see what it brings.


PVP Isnt for fun its to get people raging to the point that they spend money to get stronger and still lose


Matchmaking is FRAK and min/makers seems to be having the advantage

Why don’t we talk about the uncreative weeds using 4 healers and a hitter?

I really hope these updates ruin you.


because AI dps is sucks,
so probably what happen to a lot of players is instead putting them on dps that you know is going to waste, then just put them in the support to support them and they’re the one controlling the dps

and if these new role warfare update include improvement of AI behavior regarding their roles, maybe we gonna see changes

Colelee sends his greetings :joy:

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