Role Warfare: Health and Healing


Big Hero Balance Changes are coming to build towards a better game experience for everyone.

Introducing ‘Role Warfare’ :shield: :crossed_swords: :heavy_plus_sign:


Role Warfare will bring a number of improvements to the existing Heroes. We are pushing for every Hero to have a clear role and purpose on your Team. These balance changes will not be completed within a single update and will grow over time. Role Warfare will be taking its first steps in the August Update. It will bring much needed Health and Healing rebalance.

Health :heartpulse:

Most Heroes will receive a Health increase. This change will increase the average match length; allowing time for more strategies, Hero skills, and clutch reaction plays. With a longer match, each Hero is able to stay alive and use their skills. More skill-usage will allow your Heroes to perform in their different roles at an improved level.

Healing :pill:

Group Heals and Passive Heal Over Time skills will be reduced; emphasizing the need for dedicated Healers on your Team. Out-Healing incoming Damage will be much harder to achieve for a long duration, making Damage dealt by Heroes more permanent. This will open up more strategies that may break the opponent’s Support back-line.

Check back later this week as we will be posting more information on Role Warfare


I hope it doesn’t change too much. It would be a turn off to learn a new system.


Wow Juandoe2 here you guys never fail us!!:relieved: Try to advertise the game more that’s it

Sounds like a good thing, tired of seeing dogface - mandrake - heimlock - gammond - razorback team in pvp
And hope it Will help in solo missions and raids too

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This sounds very… IDK until I test it. Those healing only characters, sounds like they’ll end up useless somehow.


Sounds like Gammond and Matador will be reduced to Heronium suppliers.

Otherwise I like the idea of the changes. Lets see how it works out.

Heimlock, Moss, Flatline, Nightingale… I’m worried!

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Since Nightingale, Flatline and Moss give an instant heal, they shouldn´t be affacted. Heimlock still has his other effects. His Platinum should even get stronger, because the 10% damage reduction will be active longer.

We yet don’t know.
Maybe Gammond will get the role: Healer, and because of that won’t have his helaing reduced?

Or his Gold gets changed, so it gets activated more often. Would be some kind of tank support then.

But we will only know after the update :sweat:

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the comments so far :slight_smile: :+1:

I really think that the only over time healing abilities that need to be nerfed are Gammonds and Mandrakes. Matadors is balanced because of the long activation time.
Along with the healing change I think I can suggest a change for mandrakes gold if you are going to (I don’t want it though):
Have it so that 10% any single healing that is done on the team is removed from the target, but every other member is given 50% of the total heal.
Or just make it so it is at 20-25% health instead of thirty :stuck_out_tongue:
And to finish it off:

Plz don’t touch healing cloud XP

As someome who PVPs a lot, making the pvp matches longer is a drag…
Making matches longer means less time for our ‘life’ outside, which brings frustration and people might just play less and less over time and quit


Maybe they’re also increasing points won / match? We don’t know the plans yet.

If the plan is to increase match length please consider increasing.pvp gem rewards… It’s a massive grind already to get gems.

I hope HHG are careful and precise with these changes, these big changes are what can kill games.

I left Dawn of Titans after spending $5000+ when they completely messed up raids and flunked Throne wars.
I left Invasion Modern Empire when they completely imbalanced Tier 4 units - spent over $10000 on that game…

Please don’t kill this game before its really got going.


I had the same thoughts. To get to the top 20 you already have to have to much spare time. But to get top 100 you can do with an hour or two a day. Which already is much, but doable, without getting anti social. Depends on how much longer the matches get. 30 seconds per match? Would be okay. 50% of the matches ending at 2:50. That would be to much.

No need for that, since its the same for everybody. The scale stays the same. Or did you mean Pvp gems? Like DopedGoat stated, they should change the rewards, if the matches get to long.

I don´t want to judge you, it is (hopefully) your money, but 15k on two games and I don´t think you fell short of it on HH. That are some damn nice vacations you could do with that money.

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Agreed lol. 15K? Some people make that a year…

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This game gets anoing over time.

Each one to his own. Some people buy cars and watches and whatever unnecessary (for me) stuff. Some people buy in games they enjoy. Some buy vacations.

its people like dopedgoat who make this game Free to Play. Without the big spending whales, there would be no money for developers or servers and the game shuts down overnight. I don’t know why every free to play game has people who trash talk on the whales