Role warfare my ass

if heroes all have a place than why is every AI team the same op heroes?! and in the brawl i’ve played 20 matches, most AI, and EVERY SINGLE TEAM USES NIGHTENGALE. its bullshit, and if y’all mean any of the stupid articles y’all write about what the game is “suppose” to be like than you’d make it fair. but every single time y’all change something a new 2-3 heroes become insanely OP. and you claim that you have no idea that will happen until released but yet your AI picks up on it before we do?! so you put your thumb on the scale every month with 2 new OP heroes (new the key word), so we put money into the game to get them upgraded just for you to nerf that hero and start the cycle over… i’m tired of it, i was tired of it before flatline, then panzer, then ifrit, then night, fuck how many times will y’all screw me before i wake up and stop shoveling money into a scam. role warfare is the biggest joke, let anyone see all 5 heroes before a pvp match and they wont change their team at all and you’re lying if you say it will. it’s the same exact heroes everytime and you know it because AI uses them too! fuck role warfare is bullshit! bull! shit! that’s a bull to the shit… let me repeat that… bullshit!

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Very rational post here that for sure…

Few comments before this is probably locked:
Current brawl is limited to 10 heroes so there’s a decent chance Nightingale gets picked up a lot. Also if you are getting mostly AI matches your getting some insane luck. Tournaments like this tend not to have that many Ai opponents unless you are running 3 high starred plats since most people are fighting around a similar power level. (IE most people would have at least half of these heroes at gold or less)

The Devs have stated numerous times that Role warfare is an ongoing project. What they introduce for a month it not necessarily whats going to stay implemented. Its also good to keep in mind that implementing hero wide changes on a mass scale is a HUGE project that obviously cant be down in one patch with the expectation that everything was going to get fixed.
What led to the healing/health increase patch was the fact that pvp games would only last 30 seconds before hand. Some games one team would be at a 3v5 withing the first 10 seconds of the match. It sounds like this is going to be adjusted in the next patch to allow damage to finally take a good role in PVP

When new heroes are introduced everyone wants them and everyone focuses on working on them. A lot of the heroes that have been introduced in recent months have been strong initially (Panzer,Caine,Ifrit) for the new mechanics they brought to the game. We have also had some really lackluster debuts as well. Flat line was pretty weak before the role warfare update, Galante has struggled since his release and Cinder isn’t seen that much anymore. Even Wesson, you see him because he is new, but he hasn’t been as strong as others.

This month they introduced one part of a multi-step plan. Stuff like this takes time to plan and implement. Unfortunately not a lot of people have the patience to see a project all the way through and would rather have everything patched up quick then actually fixed in the long run. From the plans they stated they are working on, it sounds very interesting and I cant wait to see some of the new changes coming our way.


@Lucy_Ford Keep it classy, please. Anyway, what @Benched said!

Keep also in mind when you’re facing AI or bots that their team is based on what player use so if most people have Nightgale in their team then most bots will have them too. And as Benched said this brawl has a small hero pool so it not that surprising that NIghtgale is picked a lot.

Jup, PvP can be frustrating, but like benched said, I have no further words to add.