Raid game mode

I’ve been playing this game since May of 2018 and it is one of the top 3 apps that I’ve played and enjoyed for so long. After I acheieved my 25th platnum sadly enough I lost its interest with the game, however Im sticking with it because I want to see how this game will play out. I’ve enjoy to see a Raid sense of a game mode, where you would queue up with several others to complete a series of enduring waves. It should rotate oppisite of the bounty so everyone has something too look forward too each weekend. In a sense a larger co-op 3 or 5 players with 10+ waves, each player would have 2 heros the to switch from, each hero may be used once every 6 hours. Have the hero selection be a draft pick to eliminate powerful heros shredding down the raid all at once. Give out high end rewards for milestone completions as well as mvp bonuses. This would bring fantastic gameplay as well as offereing more entertainment

Feedback or even addiotnal ideas are welcomed


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