An awesome raid mode idea!

On raids there should be a mode where 5 players can join and each control only 1 hero in the raid. The 5 players that join should be able to pick roles such as healer, tank, and damage. The only heroes that the player can pick are the ones that they have unlocked. Let me know what you guys think about my idea :slight_smile:


Keep posting ideas cause devs will never discuss you with them
They keep doing what ever they desire .lol

Like raid on d3stiny

i agree with this but its difficult if only few players are online, unless it is a auto invite, that would be good,

looks like cool.:heart_eyes:

They have the feedback and ideas category but it’s only there for show. So here’s a Razorback for you. HH-Razorbacklaugh

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I promise you: I personally collect all feedback from here, Discord, and Player Support tickets, and present it to the rest of the team. However, we can’t always do exactly what every player suggests. Trust that we never make any decisions lightly, that anything we do is for the overall good of the game, and that if we’re not doing a specific thing you’re asking for, there’s a good reason for it.


Beware… he watches us all…



Hideo, but it’s actually the Eye of Sauron coslaying as a ninja.

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