Recycling unwanted crafting gear into wanted gear


I would love for there to be a use for the 10k bronze items i got in stock to help my heroes upgrade. Now I’m not saying I need a fair exchange, like 10-50 of a bronze item to make it 1 silver or and so on.

I’m open up for better suggestions but the bronze items could be put to use. #recyclingafterzeroday

Come on even Kurz is doing it! You know how many gorgon marks he has sent after us?!


I like it. My inventory is getting really full. At least let us sell the junk for bucks.

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I’ve been considering creating a post on this very issue, lol. Totally agree, and the costs should be really high (50 green for 1 bronze, for example), so as to not hurt the current system… too much. Lol.

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