Request: Rooting blocks "jump" abilities

I find it quite surprising that ‘rooting’ someone prevents them from moving side to side but leaves them free to do cross-map jumps (matador, ninjas, fischer, etc).
Given rooting is, at least in my opinion, a kind of underwhelming skill, it would also make heros with root abilities somewhat more appealing knowing they can somewhat neutralize said heroes.

Nigly bonus point: This next issue doesn’t affect gameplay at all, just ‘believability’ (used here loosely). When a rooted player gets killed, their body still goes flying which, again, seems logically inconsistent. Similarly, a hero who has a gravity belt on, when they die they crumple slowly to the ground with their glowing hula hoop half in the ground, perpendicular to the ground. It looks strange. I’m not saying you need to animate new deaths but can you take their hula hoop off when they die so that pedants like me can feel the game is more believable?

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We have a similar debuff called suppress (Steele’s silver for example) That blocks the use of both movement and skill usage.

Thanks for the reply benched. In case clarity is needed: the request isn’t for rooting to prevent the use of any abilities, it’s that, given rooting ‘roots’ the player to the ground and prevents movement from that spot, it logically follows that abilities that require movement (ie the jumping ones) are therefore inaccessible

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