Rooting bugs

Rooting has led to a bug that instead stuns the hero throughout the entire rooting duration where the hero gets stuck in the halfway running motion and effectively stunned since his movements are not even in the standing position (which can fire) but stuck in the running one when moving in between locations. Happens for Chesterfield’s mine skill in particular.

For my case it happens consistently with my Razorback with bronze skill active and I run into it. Happens multiple times in the same match too and other matches. Never checked if it’s character specific or if without the skill it’s fine. But definitely for my scenario it’s a prob.

Gotta show time and place, helps to have video. I’ll record matches and post to on YouTube to show support. Pretty much what a dev will say too lol

That’s not how it works. Believe it or not I don’t care. You are not a dev. Even if you were, it’s their job to take all reports seriously and follow up on them. Don’t follow up on them? Fine with me. There goes your player base. It’s not my job to do that.

That’s what support has told me in the past. You gotta have when and where do they can look at it. No need to get sLty

Fair enough. Well not doing that. Too much work. Fix it or not that’s their responsibility.They can face the consequences if they don’t follow up then if they’re gonna make bug reporting such a pain in the ass.

@sss If you make a post on a public forum post, expect to get feedback. Otherwise, you don’t have much say as to what advice people give, (provided it’s stays within guidelines, which kyle did). Don’t be a churlish boot.

The guidelines are specific as to posting on the forums regarding support-related issues, which is that they shouldn’t be made into a forum post.

You are entitled to your opinions regarding support efficiency, not to talk down to others. Please keep this in mind.

Lol holy ■■■■ dude, what on earth warranted that much aggression…?

This is not the place for bugs. That is for support. Nobody here can help you with technical glitches.

Nobody’s asking you to care but your post is completely useless here. They’ve given you a specific way to report bugs to the team. You’re clogging up the forum with nonsense.

Hey guys,

Let’s keep it classy. I don’t want to have to hand out yellow cards today.

Please follow the instructions (which are correct!) and report it to my support team. Thanks!