Grounded and Rooted effects

How is it a Rooted/Grounded hero is still able to use leap attacks e.g Jarek, Ronin etc. If your grounded shouldn’t you be stuck until the effect has ended? Similar to that of Surge gravity lift? @muninn

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Yesssss! This times one thousand!

Those are skills. They still can’t run around. Why should heroes that require jumping around as skills compared to those that are ranged be penalised by this rooted effect when they have nothing to make up for it?

If your idea is implemented then jumping attacks need an attack boost to level out that disadvantage.

@sss neither Ronin or Jarek rely solely on those skills, especially Ronin, he’s already a big contender but even when rooted he can utilize his eviscerate skill? Same with Jarek he is rooted but can still use his skills to stun or disorient the same enemy that rooted him seriously, how is that fair? What about Odachi? He’s already a big Mech destroyer but can still attack while grounded or rooted. Consider those thing before you try to discredit my post or suggestion

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I think all jumping abilities should be rooted, it only make sense…programming-wise, I can see this being a huge problem, though.


@raz thank you! I’m glad someone else agrees with me,

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Are you hearing yourself? Jarek’s entire arsenal relies on jumping. You must look beyond individual heroes, there are Hideo, Galante and Matador, etc., and other future heroes will all be affected by the change so that has to be considered beyond a simple ‘oh the current characters with jumping skill are strong enough to survive with the handicap so it’s ok’ reasoning.

Fairness of rooting someone who you rooted first? You can disorient someone after being disoriented yourself. The whole point of rooting was simply to prevent opponents from running around so you can hit them better, it should have nothing to do with stopping attack fire. That’s the advantage of stun/lift and to a lesser extent, disorient. Again im going to point out again that your idea is doable, but if so, for sake of fairness (which you seem to forget conveniently apart from your argument), there needs to be a boost of some sort to make up for the handicap of having root-able jump skills over non-jump skills. Also, there needs to be a whole revamp of rooting effects of they can now be used to completely shutdown jumping attacks, making some characters like Matador, Odachi and Jarek completely without attacks. E.g. Surge’s infinite duration bronze can effectively silence all offensive skills forever of a jumping hero.

Ironically you are the one not considering the bigger picture. Your calling of a simple constructive criticism as ‘discrediting’ off the bat and how you’re simply happy with someone agreeing with you (in your reply to the other user) already show that you simply don’t care if what people say makes sense as long as they agree with you. You dont care if your idea is sound or not. Just that people agree with you and make you happy.

Wow! That was alot, unfortunately I’m using my mobile device so I won’t be able to type as much but your points are sound but what you fail to realise is with the exception of Jarek and Hideo all other heroes have another attack or shielding abilities that dont require jumping. But I do understand what you are saying all I’m saying is the only hero that can stop jumping/flying heroes is Surge which 1/72 and if I use root on Hideo, Jarek or even Ronin (who by the way is already a problem I would expect them to stay rooted because they are considered DPS or strong heroes it’s not like you only rely on that 1 hero you have an additional 4. But it isn’t fair to use a skill that’s completely useless against some1 like Jarek, Hideo and Ronin because in return when they use their skill I’m either stunned or disorient. For instance, with briar ability to trap/root her enemies do you think it’s fair that some1 like jarek should just ignore that an be able to attack? Or any other jumping hero for that matter, it just doesn’t make sense to me

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I think all roots should work as intended and simply root their feet to the ground. Jarek and Hideo ESPECIALLY. With Kurtz doing a 30 second stun, this is the next logical step towards versatility for rooters.

It doesn’t make sense from a physics perspective to jump (but then again we are talking about a game with people with superpowers so…) when rooted but from a game mechanics perspective it makes perfect sense to not discriminate against a certain attack type that’s ONLY AESTHETICALLY DIFFERENT. The jumping is just a variation so not all attacks are the same and boring apart from maybe a split second of being hard to hit, but they make up for it with taking longer for the attack to reach the enemy.

Let me put it into perspective for u. If Briar roots enemies. They can ALL attack. Why is it unfair for a certain hero like Jarek to be able to attack when everyone, regardless, can attack with no complaints from u. Because he visually jumps so it cant make logical sense in your mind?

Again, root is just meant to stop movement to run away from damage. Not prevent them from dealing damage. That was never the point. If discriminating against jump attacks then they need a buff. Rooting was never weaker against any hero because all heroes could attack while rooted in the first place.
I’m repeating this for the 3rd time. If u can’t understand it still, then I’ll leave it at that. It’s a lost cause.

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Logically, you would think rooted skills result in players being unable to use movement skills. However, it seems like a very hard thing to program, as it requires select skills to be blocked when that hero is rooted. Not something you can concoct easily.

Definitely a novel idea, but one which probably isn’t a major issue right now.

I agree with the fact that rooting, logically speaking, should be able to keep the enemy from jumping of any sort. Though there are lots of other abilities don’t require a so-called LEAP, there are other abilities that PHYSICALLY jump, like Hideo’s Bladestorm. He JUMPS when he executes his ability. The logic sense of when rooted, your body stays on the ground, is not wrong, it’s just that game-wise, it causes a BIG disadvantage for tanks or mid-lanes that utilizes their jump to be a lot useful. If Rooting is applied in your perspective, tanks like Jarek or Matador is considered useless if the other team has rooting heroes like Surge or Keel.

Short-term. It’s just a game, nothing makes sense. A girl who can utilize plants, a witch doctor who can resurrect, a menacing looking dude who executes his own people and a beserker who utilizes flames even though there aren’t a single FLAMETHROWER on her body, a guy with a big claw who can lift people in the air. The real question you should be asking is why Rooted enemies can still be affected by Lifts?


Thanks for the feedback, guys. We’ll pass on the concept of rooting disabling jump attacks, but we can’t promise anything.

Nothing new is being said, and people are getting testy, so we’re closing this. Thanks.