Reset hero to base level; get back half resources

I think it’d be a decent idea to allow people to reset their heroes to the original level and get back half the resources spent on them (round up or down, no big deal). A lot of us invested resources into characters that aren’t super good before we knew what we wanted to do, and it’d be nice if we could get them back. Also, if for instance you guys nerf a character that someone invested a lot of resources into, it’d soften the blow and let a player recoup some of the effort they put into that hero.

That might work.
Heroes we put effort and time in and then is nerfed. It would seem fair tho what about the frags we get? Does it base on our stars or what?

I don’t really know what to do about the frags. You could set it up so that the frags go to type frags (like chem or energy), but that’d invite abuse and allow people to farm one of unused heroes (like a Beck) and reset her for universal frags. I think the only real answer is to leave the frags as is. You only get back item resources, skill points and bucks.

So does this just contribute to minmaxers? They have a lot of advantages. For example, Panzer is at 10 stars Plat +5 but now you have reset her down to bronze but keeping her stars. That is one huge advantage to Ronin for sure.

Yeah, it unfortunately would be a huge help to min maxers, but it also puts everyone on the same playing field. A lot of people can’t min max as effectively because they upgraded heroes that are good min maxers. At least this way, everyone can choose to min max if they want to. And honestly, I don’t think min maxing is that great of a strategy. I’ve beaten most min max teams I’ve faced, although I admit that some of them I had no chance against.

I still think minmaxing is a very unfair way of playing. Ronin is useful for low health heroes like Fischer and Kunoichi. He was not designed to be minmaxed but to boost your teams survivability

Yeah, I think it’s bullshit tbh. But if it’s something people do, everyone should have the ability to do it. And if it lets me get back the resources I put into Savage, all the better.

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