Richter balancing

Darn I forgot it had the bio symbol wish it didn’t and was percentage based like 1% elemental increase every 10 levels. Would be so cool with ruby skill.

At first, carabina does great in pvp, and yes indeed I know richter could be a bit decent in pve but any other hero would be far more effective

I still remember back in the days I just got salv to play, and maven and I was so amazed by that damage output, now it’s normal, back in the days that used to be a king setup

I love richter design and skin and he seems like a hero who could counter the existing hero’s in the current meta like everyone has said before I feel he is lacking of something it might be base armor or a rework to an ability in pvp he is somewhat underwhelming and underrated

He has the ability’s to delete various hero’s my feelings towards him are very clear good design overall thought out abilities munnin I would love to see him in the higher tiers and people talk about him just like you did with ronin