Role Warfare

finally there’s actual role warfare… i was worried that if they nerf night all that would happen is a new hero takes her place, and flatline sort of did but not good enough to make her the only option. there’s finally actual role warfare. it’s not only panzer comps or only mauler comps or any comp… it’s actually different teams and one opponent i have an advantage and the next i get whooped, so thank you hothead for nerfing night, i wish you listened to me when i said something in september it’s obvious and i can’t tell you how many people message me and tell me i’m right and they like my post. and i thought no one read these or the people that did read them did not like my attitude toward hothead in general. yes i can quit at anytime if i don’t like the way they develop the game, and there’s been several times i almost have, but i stay for the community and the gameplay. i enjoy both, and while i can’t make top 10 on the LB because i have a job and a gf and friends and hobbies, i still love to zone out and pvp for a few hours when i have down time. and lately it’s been so exciting, been having the most EPIC pvp battles. scottdrumlee and his wesson-ronin team comp came out of nowhere and put me on my tookus. seen some saphyr team comps that do well, but mainly teams are centered around halo. i wonder if that’s cuz the peoples guard faction or just cuz that’s the meta. well i don’t have chat cuz they banned me a while back for who knows what so i’m always venting about 2-3 weeks worth of chat convos in a condensed post. god they have an immature support tho, felt like i was dealing with lindsey lohan in mean girls lol so freakin passive aggressive… if only i could reach into my phone screen and grab some of these people and pull em into my world and see how tough they are right in front of me… well one day they’ll develop some star trek beaming device that will make that a reality but till then these nerds have a protective barrier that makes them too comfortable spitting insults. and another thing, what’s up with cars? thought we would have flying cars or hovering cars by now. they told us as kids in the 80’s and 90’s that we’d be living on mars and vacationing on the moon but yet my car still has t left the pavement. maybe it’s cuz the earth is flat? where’s my lawn chair salute fallen soldier

I think the developers were more than aware of the problem by September and has been working on a solution since. You can’t just make such drastic changes in two weeks, it takes time, careful planning and accuracy to rebalance a broken-ish gameplay.
I’m also pleased with how the game it playing now and I hope it gets even better.

I can’t figure out why you insert a bashing on the costumer support in your otherwise praiseful thread though. Like “daaaarn I’m getting all positive here, gotta balance it out!”

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The like is for your effort to read through that wall of text. Big respect.


:joy: ‍‍‍‍‍

Top-notch derailing of his own thread! I hope this becomes the new “donut” thread.

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There is a significant upticks in all featured Hero usage rates during featured Months.

Even heroes like Surge and Castellan.

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