Savage Roll Out Plan

Week 1: Exclusive Bundle

Available: August 16 - August 20

For the first week, Savage will be available exclusively through a special offer. You won’t be able to get this special hero any other way, yet. This offer gives you the opportunity to get a head start on Savage before everyone else and a head starts on upgrading him. The bundle contains enough gear to get Savage to Silver Grade and enough Skill Points Skill Points and Bucks Bucks to level his bronze and silver skills to 41!

You get:

The bundle contains the following:

Savage_ax1 Super XPx4 Skill Pointsx80 Bucksx700,000
GreenCommon - Green Ammo Magx1 GreenHealth - Green Shoulder Padsx1 GreenTankElemental - Green Gas Maskx1 GreenArmor - Green Chest Armorx2 GreenMech - Green Mech Canisterx1 GreenCritical - Green Large Bulletsx1 GreenElementalDamage - Green Grenade Beltx1
BronzeDamage - Bronze Pistolx3 BronzeHealth - Bronze Shoulder Padsx1 BronzeMech - Bronze Mech Canisterx2 BronzeElementalDamage - Bronze Grenade Beltx1 BronzeTankDefense - Bronze Heavy Helmetx1 BronzeTankOffense - Bronze Heavy Riflex1 SilverArmor - Silver Chest Armorx1

4x Super XP =100,000xp. Which is equal to 40 levels, starting from level 1.

Week 2: Get Savage

Available: August 21 - September 4

Savage will be available in this special event crate. You’ll be able to open these crates for an opportunity to get Savage and gear necessary to upgrade him.

Image shown is a work-in-progress

The Savage Crate potentially contains the following items:

Savage_ax1 Super XPx3 PlatinumDamage - Platinum Pistolx1 GoldHealth - Gold Shoulder Padsx1 GoldTankElemental - Gold Gas Maskx1 GoldCritical - Gold Large Bulletsx1
GoldMech - Gold Mech Canisterx1 GoldTankOffense - Gold Heavy Riflex1 GoldElementalArmor - Gold Armored Bootsx1 GoldArmor - Gold Chest Armorx1 SilverElementalDamage - Silver Grenade Beltx1 SilverRare - Silver Cybernetic Handx1

Available: August 24 - August 26

There will be a 3-day Blitz event where you will be able to win additional fragments for Savage if you’ve missed out on other opportunities to get him. You’ll not want to miss this opportunity!

Image shown is a work-in-progress

Week 3: Go Savage

Available: August 28 - September 4

The final piece to this event is using this amazing new hero. We will run a series of solo and alliance events where using this hero is the key to success.

Image shown is a work-in-progress


@Huginn am i correct to assume, that in the event starting in about 1.5hrs, we really have to play the hard missions with savage in our team? Quick wins don’t count?

And in the 3rd savage (alliance) event as well? As for the solo raid missions?

@DSD, correct. Quick Wins do not count towards the event. We want you to play with Savage!

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Thanks for forcing us(not sarcastic) he is a amazing teammate

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The only hero that can handle pvp on 7* imo