Scavenger Hunt 2019

What does “Completion Reward” mean at the bottom? Is that the only way to obtain the Matador Skin?

You have to get all 100 to unlock the skin

Wow! That sucks, it’s unfortunate that myself and many other won’t be able to obtain the skin simply because we didn’t collect all the pumpkins. Especially when it’s nearly impossible to beat 13-10

The Pumpkin was hiding tightly I expect to find one hidden inside the junk box.haha☻

I haven’t finished campaign lol I want that matador skin so bad thooooo… :disappointed:

13-10 is easier than 13-9, use mauler and odachi mandrake and stun kurtz soon as he comes out with mauler… game over

the locations at googledocs was closed. Any explanation devs?

Devs didn’t do it. It was flagged by a user. It’s fixed now.

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