Shivs nerf

Woah, Commando and Alvarez are not garbage. Xianju and Carabina I don’t think is garbage either; it’s just people haven’t found a good way to use them so that’s debatable. Klayton on the other hand… let’s just say you’re probably better off using Shank instead. Funny that you named Lancer and Purifier because I was actually gonna ask how ppl have been using those 2 on PvP. But I do agree that it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a bio chem character (apart from lancer) and specifically a bio dps. We don’t have to nerf all the characters that have been mentioned before BUT I’m tired of seeing teams with a 10 star character and the rest of the team is weak. If the developers fix that there would be way less complaints about these “OP” characters ppl want nerfed.


Probably at those levels you may see some of those heroes but once you play at 90+ levels I haven’t seen any strong team with those heroes. That’s what I am saying

That doesnt make them garbage, alvarez for example is more than good in pvp.

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I wholeheartedly believe that many of the recent heroes have really powerful, yet pretty specific uses. It’s not all about pvp and “meta” heroes.

For example, Carabina is a joy to use in co-ops if you protect her, since she can buff every allied heroes to shredding potential (I’ve gotten 20k damage per second boosts for my ally’s heroes and my own. Fun stuff. :grin:)

Alvarez is straight up pvp royalty if you know who to target on the enemy team and when. He’s not a dps slugger, but that’s okay since he’s built for strategy.

Lancer is a god when you buff him with Françoise in pvp. Other than that he’s hit-or-miss.


As others have said, Alvarez is pretty good in PVP. 4-Cep is all around amazing. He’s great in PVP AND he is one of the highest powered heroes.

Speaking of which, a number of the recent heroes are very high in power which leads me to believe it’s no accident. It seems HH is making them useful for certain aspects of the game more so than others. Purifier, Lancer, and Alvarez are all some of the highest power heroes in the game. Carabina is also fairly high.

Klayton is just all around bad though, I agree there.

Personally I would like them to focus on the heroes that are already good in PVP, but could use that little exrtra push to bring them into the meta. For example changing Odachi’s Opportunist to working at 75% health or below and reducing the damage increase from 12k to 8.5k would be enough to make his really good in PVP i think. Give him a decent skin to solidify him as a PVP choice. Make Maven’s silence insta land and her AOE bigger, with a small increase to her health and she might also be decent. Just little tweaks like this could really open up the PVP roster.


Shivs is balanced. Alvarez is good. Commando is good. Maven’s skill should be homing like Phoenix’s. Try Commando with Moss and Caine at Plat. I run “Crit Hit Vampires” at level 90 with Commando, Caine, Moss, Beck, and Gammond. It does well enough. Also though, I don’t the expect it to go like 10-1.


That’s all I am saying. Why nerfing as when it was the mauler meta team. They didn’t nerf mauler but ronin come out to be the meta team. And now with cep. I am sure cep could have come earlier And could have been the counter to ronin without needing to nerf him. And on top of that they nerf flatline to make A ronin team not used at all. And now you hardly see ronin or flatline or I don’t have a clue how many heroes we don’t use at all.

Shiv isn’t a monster in the game. Yes she can do some damage but she’s pretty easy to take out. Her and shank together work well but both can easily be taken out with mauler other odachi


Nerf nerf nerf. All this game talk about it. Let’s nerf drake too and then we will be left with no team at all to play. Nerfing is horrible and should not happen anymore. If there is a strong meta team then HH should bring out a hero to counter it. That’s all.

Every nerf applies to all players equally, so how exactly will there be no good teams left to play?

Now is nice to play with drake you have that protection slightly. Still you can loose with him but is ok. Is gonna happened that too. Having a non drake team now 95% of the games you loose one hero at least. And that is not a good team. A good team is a team that wins and none of your heroes has died. Tell me a team with no drake and you win with all 5 heroes? Specially with cep now that kills even bio heroes with ease

If you win without losing any heroes you’re either:
(1) Playing against a bad team/bad player;
(2) Playing in a fortunate matchup (e.g. mech vs. energy, Panzer v. Castellan, etc…); or
(3) Playing with a team that probably needs a nerf.
There shouldn’t really be one team that dominates all others, and if you can find that hypothetical team that does, it will probably be nerfed, as it should. Frankly, if I never lost, the game would be boring. Fortunately, I don’t see any teams that are impossible to beat. Maybe impossible to beat without the right counters, but not impossible to beat hands down.

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Please don’t nurf Shiv… Thank you

Your wish has been granted. Double nerf incoming!

Both Shivs & 4-cep need to be nerfed.

Nope. Both of them are easy to kill.

You’re probably one of those people that uses both & min maxes your team lol

Your list indicates that you are not a skilled player because your list of reasons for winning a match unscathed only includes situations in which you didn’t have to be. Lets be real and include:

(4) A good PvP player.

Who’d have thought you could win a match with all five heroes still alive because you practice PvP, study different heroes, work the synergies, etc. etc., Oh, and you can fight.

I use, and win with, many different teams (three to be exact). And Hark!, only one of them has Mandrake on it. None of them has 4-cep or the title character of this thread Shivs on it. And Hark!, I win often against these supposed super heroes. Many times losing no hearts at all. I lose hearts sometimes. I lose completely sometimes. Both using all these heroes that are complained about and NOT using these heroes people complain about.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…just because you individually have a problem fighting a certain hero doesn’t mean that hero needs to be changed.

A hero needs to be changed when the data shows an inordinately high percentage of wins when one player has a certain hero that the other player did not…OR, conversely, when a hero is rarely ever used which indicates the necessity for a buff.

Thankfully the developers make hero changes based on data and not player complaints. Knowing this, please stop with any thread about nerfs. It’s pointless because those decisions are already being handled by the data.

Instead, perhaps threads about strategies for victory that some players find work for them to beat a Mandrake team…A Shivs team…etc. THAT would be productive.

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Darrell, “I am not a skilled player” ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: wow

Being a “good” player is just the other relative end to having a bad opponent (1 above. Sure, you can change “having a bad opponent” i said before to “being less bad/better than your opponent” but it’s just semantics. Not sure why you came after me, sounds like we agree about everything: the game IS pretty balanced, no one is that OP, devs nerf based on data. Angry much.

Alls I was saying is that there isn’t, and shouldn’t be, such OP teams like the poster seemed to desire.

No personal attacks! Please re-read the forum rules, guys.

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