Should I Star Up my Lancer or Siren?

I’ve got a Lancer and Siren, both at 4 stars. I know I should probably use my universal frags on Lancer (since Siren’s frags aren’t exclusive to the gilded crate), but I’m not sure how to use that guy, whereas I’ve seen Siren just…destroy.

Siren is a much more useful hero overall, very strong in PvP and PvE alike. Not many have Lancer yet so his usefullness is less known. However, with his skin, he is the highest power hero in the game so if you play AW seriously, he is a great hero to max out.

With high base stats and a shotgun, I’m holding out hope that Lancer is some sort of bio version of Panzer, but it’s hard to pass that up for proven production out of Siren. Thanks for the input!

I find Lancer’s basic attack to be more useful than his skills. If you level him up and pair him with Françoise, he can flatten mechs with his shotgun. Siren is powerful at plat, but draws a lot of fire when she uses her skill (A.I. bots will aim toward the hero giving them the most damage).

Yeah, Lancer’s shotgun reloading a full mag in 1.5 seconds rather than one bullet at a time is unique and a big plus. That said, I hate characters that have to rely on Francoise or any other long charging combo to pull off. I greatly prefer team comps that can make it a 5 v 4 within 10-15 seconds, with a minimum of character switching required.

Lancer also seems completely designed to take out mech characters - his offensive mod for bio is nearly twice as high as his normal offensive mod, i.e. if he attacks an energy character it’s not going to go well. I kind of wonder if he should be paired with Panzer to completely dominate the front and midline.

I have Siren at 5 stars plat (hopefully 6 after the bounty event ends), and this chick can deal out a ridiculous amount of damage. She often outdamages my panzer. This might be my strongest team yet, and honestly maybe too strong - I think I’ve gone like 15-20 straight without losing a heart.

There’s probably a meta out there that counters what I’ve got going (and I can think of a few), but I haven’t run into anyone running it.

Siren, group attack skill. :sunglasses:

I don’t have Lancer yet but a platinum+ siren can deal some heavy damage. In PvP I have a siren team that I use which can win the game with 2 uses of siren song, 4 tops. Finishes the game quickly and I’ve only lost once or twice out of 20 matches. Siren just needs to be protected efficiently, I use phalanx, mandrake and flatline as primary support.

If you’re looking to star up a hero I would say that lancer would be better since he is only in gilded crate, but siren’s also quite rare tbh so its down to ur preference.

I think I went like 30-40 matches and only lost once with Siren. She’s…really good. I feel like she’d be a little more balanced if they upped her ability to silence but lowered her crowd control damage. She’s supposed to be a rock god drowning out other noise, right? Right now she’s more of a rock god with overpowered speakers that blast everything to smithereens. And Jesus, what she does to a team that’s heavy on bio heroes is just ridiculous.

(at 130-140 matches with one loss now (and 7 total hearts lost). My team is pretty well put together, but Siren is also just very, very powerful)