Idea : list where to find item part in hard mode

As the title says, It would be nice to know in which hard level we can farm each piece of equipment.

95% of the time it is the same mission as in normal mode.

I know. just tried to farm different piece in the last two day by that logic, and both weren’t available from the same mission

Has been posted before. Even by me so completely agree but HH doesn’t, they seem a bit out of sync with their customers.

This idea, bucks and communication on bounty spawning screw up are really pissing me of.

Edit: where is my yellow jacket time to take action.

If by yellow jacket you mean, pay less on gas we do, destroy random people’s property, don’t work and cause chaos throughout the land.

Please don’t

They are so funny as they are the reason that France misses out on investment and new employment opportunities.

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