What to do with all these bucks?!

I’ve got 200 million bucks just sitting there. I’m sure there’s alot of players with similar amounts.
@Devs is there something we can buy or exchange all these spare bucks for?

Silver crates is what I do


Summon bounties for the team… be the team summoner for the rest of the year lol


Two very good suggestions. I do both. Lol

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Even with doing those things, it’s alot to try n spend.

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Buy 10x silver crates, you’re guaranteed a fragment or two and maybe some useful gear
Bounty summons, especially when it runs low
Otherwise there isn’t a lot to do with bucks, maybe level you hero skills but u still need points.

I am using my spare bucks on silver crates, very good source of heronium.

Skills of all toons at max. Silver crate farming is soooooooo boring but i get the point. Just wished there was something to spend alot of bucks on at once. E.g. 1mil bucks for some gear or 2mil for stamina etc…

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