Tips to get better at gameplay

This is a small help guide for the newer players that are looking for a way to improve their gameplay, as this is a topic i don’t see being discussed a lot even though it’s very important

Step 1 - Get better aim ofcourse, the key to better aim and optimizing it is to find your sensitivity, not only do you need to adjust right to your sensitivity but also try to go higher and higher to match your reaction time and the point of response.

How to easily find the best sensitivity? - first of all, turn off aim assist, it doesn’t help and sometimes it even hinders who you are targeting, then try to go higher and higher until you feel like it’s getting hard to control, then start to adjust to it and try to go for constant headshots, headshots are key to dealing as much damage as possible which plays an important role in winning

Step 2 - Know your enemy, give a little time free to get to know what heroes can do, either from experience or look up the stats, some developers have maxed out heroes, try to search there and see what opponents can do and what their weakness is

Step 3 - Be aware of your surroundings, now that you know most of your enemies you need to utilize that, take small moments while playing like : Reloading. Using skills, while stunned or any moment you get interrupted, look around and see what the enemies are up to and search for your next target, this helps out a lot so your responses can be more effective and faster

Step 4 - reposition, what i often see is people standing in one spot, soaking up damage that could be avoided, most people also tend to be to concentrated on the opponent they are shooting and hitting headshots, don’t do this! It is important to avoid damage as dodging can save your life, and hitting those headshots just takes practice and time. Repositioning is also important as some enemies tend to lose interest when moving between cover

Step 5 - Don’t spray all loose! Every weapon is different, here is what i reccomend in general with every type of weapon

Automatic Weapons : try to shoot in small bursts, as they are automatic you can spam the shooting button and have about the same fire rate, but still have the accuracy to hit the headshots

Snipers/Marksman Rifles : for snipers with 1 mag, take your time, hitting the headshot is often more rewarding than shooting all loose, with marksman rifles or snipers with multiple rounds, try shooting slowly, some loose a lot of accuracy after the first shot

Pistols : try to hit the shoot button when your accuracy point is reset

Light machine guns : machine guns have either pin-point accuracy or they are made to spray loose, most lmg’s are made to charge up skills as they often don’t deal a lot of damage, find a frontline you can charge up on

Shotguns : most shotguns are made for close range, try to have your opponent in the middle of the crosshair and if they are automatic, just tap it, regaining accuracy over wasting your bullets is often more worth it

Step 6 - when you are disoriented or hiding behind cover or just not shooting for a second, shoot 1 bullet out of your mag, reload and before finishing tap either a skill or stand up/down, when you empty your mag your reload will only last the remaining time, giving you a huge advantage if you found a point you can’t do anything

Step 7 - learn your weapon, for example, Artemis needs to shoot slightly in front of people to hit, as the projectile goes slower, so goes for hideo for example, but if you’d take prophet for example, he needs to shoot right on the hitbox, otherwise the shot doesn’t count

What have you learned? If followed correctly, you : Have a confortable sensitivity, are aware of your enemies and surroundings, know how your weapons work and know when to move positions, this will help you with survivability and your damage output, hope you learned something today!


Thanks Gee, I’ll love to get some of your tutorials

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Awesome summary, Robert. A lot of players can benefit form all this great info and not just the newer players.

Thanks a lot to both of you, it’s very great to hear i could help!

I’ll add on to this, learn what use types heroes have. You can determine kill order by understanding who is going to be a problem. For example the new hero dreadnaught if left alone gets super deadly, same with castellian or dps heroes like serial and kuno. Learning kill order can determine whether you win or lose even with a power disadvantage.

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That is explained in knowing your enemies and watching your surroundings

Can you please explain Step 6 , I didn’t understand it properly ?

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If you don’t have a moment where you can shoot enemies, like being disoriented or your enemy is behind cover, shoot 1 bullet out of your mag, reload to 90% and then press on a skill or switch cover, when you shoot all your bullets away you should reload 90% quicker


I’ve never heard of that before. :face_with_monocle:


Thanks for the explanation, will try it out .

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