Skill Deletion:bug or tactic

Right, let me prep the scene: you’re playing Moss, Ghoul or any other hero that takes a bit longer to execute their skills…
Your team is dying so you activate “Transfusion”,Moss starts casting and a split second before the skill goes off he gets knocked back.
What will happen is that his cooldown will re-set but the skill won’t actually activate, not healing anyone and essentially just getting completely canceled.
This can either stop you from healing or eliminating an enemy hero, with a high chance of causing you to lose the match.
What I demand to know is this: is it simply a bug, or is it a luck (or extreme skill) feature meant to be in the game?
It is annoying as all hell and should be fixed/removed depending on what it is.

Tactic / luck! Definitely not bug.
That’s the whole point with skills that take time to pull off; you get the chance to cancel them out.

i think it is intended by devs so tactic, because why else they should stand up out of cover just to announce they’re about to casting a skill? (some skill do indeed require standing up, like clyde silver )
dogface could attach this add-on while sitting, hardscope could change his weapon while sitting

but hey, look on the positive way. you could also interrupting your enemies right?

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That dont work always
I see many times i shoot an enemy when casting his/her skill and i disrupt it but they cast it right after they get back in their position but if an enemy is attacking me when I cast a spell its gone and I have to wait to recharge the skill so itsnt working always

This. Some skills can be interrupted and lost (the most easy to interrupt and cancel is Mandrake’s invisibility, from my expirience)

But sometimes is canceled, other times is not. My Panzer’s bronze has been interrupted countless of times. Sometimes I just need to restart the casting animation, but other times the whole skill went into cooldown without activating at all.

I think OP is asking if this small window you have to cancel (not interrupt) skills is something intended

The formulae are simple:

If the skill is a charge and consumed upon first trigger, it is fully intended.

If the skill is intended to lose its charge at first FX offensive trigger, it gives a split second grace period for an interrupt as technically the skill already went off.

In short, in both instances a skill can be fully interrupted so part goes to luck, part skill if you decide to pilot Controller heroes.

It’s an interrupt and meant to be like that.

This is an odd case because it only effects certain heroes. I can see it being used for strategy, the devs have even mentioned extending the amount of time it takes to do an ability so you can interrupt it. However, people like night are not effected by this which is strange and inconsistent.

oh right, sorry i jump to conclusion too early
i had my suspicion when im holding skill and aim, it show castings bar on the screen, so maybe that bar have something related to cancel/not cancel skill. likes maybe its could work to bait the enemies