Skills and PVP Parity

I think there is a serious need to re-evaluate the initial ramp up time and cool downs for some skills. I firmly believe this is the main reason for the lack of parity in pvp. The vast majority of pvp heavy characters have one thing in common and that is all their skills have a very low ramp up time and or cooldown. While as characters such as Oro or Yanlong rarely are seen in pvp simply because you might go a whole match without activating their skills.

For example Yanlong vs Gammond bronze skills. I don’t understand from a balance stand point why Yanlongs skill takes 3 times as long to activate and is very dodgeable while Gammond’s can be activated multiple times in a fight and is a lot harder to dodge.

I agree. Same problem with Heckler. His silver skill takes so much time to load. Combined with his low Hp and the bronze Skill using HP you are rarely able to activate it.

Definitely part of the problem. Another issue is simply the insane amount of damage that heroes do. Even the tankiest of tanks can get taken down in two clips by a high level Clyde or Dogface. Guys with long build times for their skills get wiped by these high burst DPS heroes and don’t have a chance to be useful.

While technically ANY hero can be made viable in PvP if the player is skilled enough and the team composition gels well, there’s a reason why the pool of heroes actually being used regularly is so small. I mean how often do you ever get into a match that doesn’t have Gammond, Mandrake, Clyde, Dogface, Phalanx, Razor, etc? PvP is pretty stale in terms of diversity.

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