Skin stats need to change

I would like to make a suggestion regarding the skins, would it be possible to separate the stats from the appearances?
example ( I take skins and stats at random) let’s take Razorback, I would love to have the stats on the halloween skin but I don’t like its pumpkin head appearance, the stats should be separated of the skins, because several base skins are useless because everyone will use the rare blue skin before the green base skin but sometimes ,I like the look of the green skin. moreover you create skins for nothing .

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But why not just look at the skins and the info it already provides? :thinking:

I may have expressed myself badly, takes the example of razorback, the punkin king skin gives damage, health, armor !!! i want these stats but i don’t like his halloween look, but i have no choice to take punkin king if i want these stats, what i’m explaining is that it would be fine if the skin stats would be separate from their look, so I could get damage, health, armor on the game face skin instead of armor, armor, health

we should unlock stats loadouts instead of skins. moreover with future updates like Briar and Cabana where we can increase the skins to 6/6, everyone will have the same skin, because no one will take the 3/3 skin.

the basic green skins will not be used anymore, so the developers create skins for nothing

I agree I like the blue Duran skin much better but the goofy one gives better boosts so I have to rock that one.

Its more of the legendary skins for me. All of the current legendaries are dope but sometimes the modified skill is a bit… eh.

Especially the Beck’s turkey one… Lol


Yep or kurtz rat head lol

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