Turn off the skin function?

I know someone already mentioned it before, but a turn off skin function would be greatly appreciated. Take Fibre as an example, the scarecrow skin bonus is of course nice, but she actually looks more elegant without the skin. Would be great if we could just equip the skin and has the bonus but able to turn off the appearance change.


You need to choose one. Skin with bonus. Or No Skin with No bonus. IMO. It would be kinda stupid to let you apply it and disable its view ability.

Skins are meant to give the player a bigger edge with missions and fights. Having the option to turn off helpful stats is very farfetched.

If you turned off skin, the game would have an M Rating.


I don’t mean no skin as in nudity, but there are skins that look less appealing than the default skin.

I guess the devs do put in a lot of efforts to make those special skins, but sometimes I think my favorite characters look better with the default skin.

I mean keep the bonus stats from skin while the appearance is the default one without the skin.

It is really though? Some characters look better with its original look.
I mean don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the devs for making cool looking skins. I guess I could always just not to apply the skin, but I really don’t want to sacrifice the bonus stats.

Here are some examples just to state my points, of course these are only my personal opinion:
Fibre - scarecrow skin is too edgy, original look gives a more elegant feel
Ryker - recruit skin makes him laugh which kind of looks odd to me, original look is cooler with only one eye
Commander - king fish skin, the fish is funny but the original look fits better on the battlefield
Flatline - heartbreaker skin, not a fan of that hair, original suits her personality better as a gentle healer


Can’t forget about Dreadnaught either, eggnaught skin is fun for Easter time only. Deathnaught skin would be my preferred choice with the egg skin stats.

I agree. There are characters i love the way they originally were. Without a doubt there are some really cool skins. But not all of them come to personal preference. And i’d like to think we could decide whether we have want the visuals off or on. A way to easily make it recognizable for your opponent that the skin is on by simply just showing the skin for them

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Actually something like it would be cool. A hero who is a chameleon. Can assume the appearance of another hero on the battlefield yet has almost the exact opposite skills in favor of the ally team -2 hunters who look like Kurtz; one executes dominates enemies the other buffs allies -or the hunter has its own abilities

I agree.as long as you have a higher bonus skin. That bonus should apply to what ever skin you use. I do like fibers scarecrow skin. But there are some bonus skins I like less than their lower bonus of default skin

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cough cough Sun’s Out Artemis cough cough


There are definitely original or common skins I prefer to the higher powered rare skins. For example, I prefer Alvarez’s common Downpour skin to his rare Witnessed skin. Just my preference.

However, unless your dealing with a plus skin maxed out, the skin boost is actually quite negligible, and certainly won’t give you the win in of itself.

Totally agree with some of these skin changes. And I would definitely like to add Beck to the list. The Turkey skin has got to go! She’s a great hero but the skin makes her look like a joke. Also Kreiger’s big dome head blocks the view while using him. If there was a possibility of changing the view a bit or shrinking the dome.


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