Skins should also have a small stat penalty added to them

It’s nice to have a very small stat bonus to a skin if you have it on a Hero. Even if the skin’s bonus is very, very small, that is still a stat bonus with no additional penalty.

For example, Cast’s health bonus on his skin:

Level 1 Sea Scavenger
2% bonus to Health.
2% damage vulnerability to headshots.

Likewise, the penalty should also increase with the skin level:

Level 3 Sea Scavenger
2% bonus to Health.
2% bonus to Armor.
1% bonus to Elemental Armor.
5% damage vulnerability to headshots.

Of course, I’m also asking for the ability to choose the skin’s level. No Hero should need a skin to be effective and no Hero’s skin should be at maximum penalty all the time.

Dumb idea or great idea - roast me.

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I like it. I was really surprised when skins came out with zero downside to using them. It seems so weird that past the early game, every single hero is going to be skinned in some ridiculous outfit because it’s always going to be net-gain.

Personally I hate “quirky” skins like dogface’s patriot. But right now, it’s not even really a choice whether or not to use it. If you have the skin, you’re blocking your own progression by not wearing some stupid outfit. It really should be a viable option to actually CHOOSE which skin you want to use. They should give some alternative playstyle and offer a risk/reward choice rather than a flat improvement. Especially the novelty ones that don’t even remotely follow the in-game universe and immersion.

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We are just at the beginning of Skins. I think/hope there will be different skins for each hero, with different stat boosts later on. So you can adapt your hero to your playing style.
The Nightingale skin already has a downside, the group heal with the skin is only 2/3 of the single heal.

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group heal with the skin is only 2/3 of the single heal.

It’s only 2/3’s of the original single target heal, but it’s a group heal at that. Combine that skill with Matador’s Rally Cry and you have yourself hella group heals.

Seems much more of an upgrade rather than a sidegrade but let’s see what the dev’s do about it.

Side note: I’m actually hoping for more skins that change up a Hero’s skill. I wanna skin that let’s Beck actually use the SMG’s equipped on her back!

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This makes sense. Skins should either be purely cosmetic or a balanced choice. The way it stands now borders on the unfair.

I wouldn’t say unfair is the right term here. It’s no different than adding fragments or gear for extra power. It’s one more way to progress in the game, and that’s fine.

My primary issue is that it looks incredibly stupid to have these ridiculous novelty skins like Dogface’s Patriot or Clyde’s Lone Outlaw that you’re essentially forced to play with unless you want to suffer a penalty. Down the road, once skins have been out longer, every single dogface is going to be wearing an asinine red white and blue top hat. I mean, seriously? THAT’S the aesthetic the devs want in the game? I know it’s a trivial non-issue, but man does it ever grind my gears when games glorify these dumb immersion-breaking visual changes.

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