Stop trying to trick us with Resets

The more I think about your UI choices, the more I become convinced that you are trying to trick us. The size, color, and placement of the Resets are the same as the Continue button. You are obviously hoping that we will double click and hit reset by conditioning.

Please stop trying to treat us like idiots. That doesn’t make us want to spend money on the game.


Just spent 50 gold thanks to another misclick. I won’t buy any more gold using real money until there is purchase confirmation added.

Totally agree, happend to me a few times

@Jansen, @Rollyhead

Thanks for your feedback! You’re right this is not a good UI flow and we will work on correcting it. I assume you’re referring to the Hard Mode Reset button exclusively. If I’m wrong please let me know where else there are non-ideal UI flows when spending currencies.

This area has long been overlooked and you can expect to see an improvement in this area in the not so distant future.

We really appreciate your feedback and would like to keep the criticism constructive. Our intention was not to trick anyone.

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The reset for co op raids is also not ideal. Right now from within raids it just says reset, a new user won’t know it costs gold and just click it.

Every time a user spends gold there should be a confirmation. It instills trust and makes us more open to buying gold. The confirmation button should be a different location to prevent double clicking.


Agree with the location i have a tendency of double-clicking

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Just spent gold on a reset for the sixth time unintentionally. This is getting really old. I’m hoping purchase confirmation makes it into the February update so I can give you some of my cash.

This really should’ve been part of the game before worldwide launch.

Seventh time now, not happy about this

Totally hear you @Jansen :slight_smile: We’re putting a confirmation for Resets into the February update, so stay tuned!

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Glad this is coming soon, there have been a few complaints on VIP chat about this

Wow, respect to you and that response @Huginn.

When I read the initial post from @Jansen my first thoughts were super aggressive even if I understood what he said from other titles.

THEN your response scrolled into view and purely by responding calmly and on a way that says: “I’m listening fella” followed by conceding that the UI(I don’t know how it was compared to now) is, in fact, not as ideal as it could be, you basically got me thinking out of a different perspective.

Thank you Huginn.
Sorry for thinking the worst of you Jansen for no reason Jansen.

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