So pvp hero store now doesnt even retain same heroes?

First the sudden scrapping of constant heroes except from 2. Now only 1 of my 2 heroes is constant - Phoenix. The other hero keeps changing despite having the same ‘change in 27 days’ line.

Yeah at first i thought it was a lag or something like that but later it was continue to change i dont know why i hope developers repair this

Who even is Valkyrie?

Valkyrie is the name of Phoenix

That was changed about a month ago, but we did not communicate it correctly. There are now locked and rotating Hero slots in each store. You’ll be able to see which slots are permanent, as they’ll have timers on them. This is the design going forward.

@Muninn but even the locked slots change.


They shouldn’t. Sounds like a support ticket waiting to happen! Include screenshots, time, and date you first saw the change, and whether you refreshed the store that day. If it happened after a reset, they’ll need to know that.

Normally I support (pun intended) the deferral to support tickets… but does nobody on the development team actually play the game? Every single person I’ve talked to is experiencing this :sweat_smile: it’s hardly an isolated incident. No offense intended of course! I do really appreciate everything you guys do.


Implying we’re ignorant about our own game and then saying “no offense intended” isn’t really giving you a pass.

Thanks for your feedback and input!