Something that would buff Kuno

One big problem in pvp is that heros arent often cohesive, and made to be stand alone characters. Lets start with a hero that i believe has potential. If Kunos Honorless bonus damage spreads to more ‘handicapped’ debuff types (Ex: disoriented, silenced, slowed, heal blocked, marked), she would have a gimmick similar to halo, who happens to pair well because of her flexible plat ability. Just adding one of them would greatly increase the amount of heros that synergize with her. Only things to exclude would be sticky damage over time effects, armour reductions, or character specific debuffs. Might make her a new, but different kind of mech dps where she is a higher hp glass cannon based on sweeping debuffed opponents, which are pretty common.


  • Greater possible hero variety in pvp
  • Makes disrupters/disablers much more viable in a team
  • Encourages more thought to be put into team building
  • Slightly more justifiable to bring odachi and kunoichi in the same team


  • Crazy Clyde/Mauler/Halo fusion nightmare
  • Yet another mech dps
  • Unforeseen consequences and exploits due to me being an idiot

Kuno needs health… nothing else… that’s it…

Blackrose did a whoopsie! :stuck_out_tongue:
Its pretty late at night for as of writing, so i didnt think too hard on this. Health is definitely a big problem, but i was thinking certain combos would allow her to kill much earlier, like oracle disorienting an enemy then kunoichi deals heavy damage and gains meter off of it. In a team, anyone else considered ‘bigger theats’ might be targeted first, except you dont leave a major dps lying around. Im still pretty tired and inexperienced so i forgot about that…

I’m a big fan of Kuno, I use her plenty. However, I’m going to echo @R15HAV, I think she only really needs a little more health.

With the right support (Phalanx, Heimlock, Kobold), she tends to stay alive longer imo. I think the low health was a trade for her crazy dps, especially considering how dangerous she is when left alone.

Repeating what the other’s have said: booty ninja just needs a buff to her health and she would be fine. A Biochem glaring in her direction kills her - it’s nuts. Like @trapstarisu said, leave her alone and suddenly one of your Heroes disappears when Kunoichi uses her knives. It is a trade off but a serious boost to her health would buff her immensely.

Simple change could be changing her bronze to give her bonus health when she lands all 3 knives on an enemy. Rewards a player for smart usage but also allows the oppenent a counter play (IE moving to avoid the knives). Would combo better with honorless with the fact that she can use that and basically have some free health to waste, but the player has to be smart about it.


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