Campaign As The KLG? 🤔

Warning: This post contains spoilers up to district 14 campaign.

In another game I play, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, once you complete the main Light Side campaign, you’re able to play the Dark Side campaign, similar to the Light Side campaign, but you get to hear the story from a different point of view.

My suggestion is instead of adding more difficult versions (since we recently got extreme mode), add a campaign where you’re the KLG working for Kurtz, or even fighting as the other factions.

We learn in campaign 13-10 that Kurtz isn’t actually the bad guy, and Wesson was behind everything all along, including the heronium bombing. Being able to see the difficulties the KLG had against Wesson could help us players better understand what exactly happened as we fought our way through them, and how Zero Day really did begin.


I like that idea, having a secondary campaign with Kurtz would be a cool concept and allow the player to learn more about Kurtz’s motives.


And if those campaigns are coming please do so such that we are not allowed to use uaf and uaf airborne heros.


This would be a lot of fun.

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Well u can use klg in the reg campaign…AWESOME IDEA THO…if it happens will be an awesome opportunity for us to see the other side

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Amazing idea, hope they listen

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With the portal in to the picture the campaign would be really good. Please use the portal and help us stop the zero day. All hail Kurtz


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