Who are your Top Five heroes and Why?

My Top 5
:black_small_square:︎First up, Ryker, because he’s a soldier and his missiles follows when fired.
:black_small_square:︎Siren is lit and sexy lol plus she is a rockstar like me. Siren song targets all enemies on battlefield and she reloads fast.
:black_small_square:︎Love me some Serial too, this heroes gains an extra 30 round plus boost attack speed by 60%.
:black_small_square:︎Bucket is a boss I mean this hero shield not only herself but all allied hero, while lifting all enemies on the battlefield. In addition while each shield is active each ally receives health.
:black_small_square:︎Last but not least Artemis* Not only does she send a rain of arrows her enemies way she send a tracking shot targeting her enemy marking them for 15 seconds.

*Astrix - Bounty, DPS, nuff said
*Heimlock - Great tank, wipes away stuns, temporal lockouts, tazers, etc (very useful)
*Fran - PVP-gem-farming Queen. Great with Heim, Caine, or both.
*Clyde - Was my first 10 star and first 5 bar. I just like how the character looks, he’s a lot of fun to pilot, he’s erratic, all over the place kind of, idk he’s just great imo even tho he’s not really useful anywhere other than dojo. Wish they’d throw him a nice buff.
*Caine - imo the most universally useful hero ever. You can plug him on campaign, pvp, solo raids, coop raids, razordome, any type of mission you can think of and he gives you a great chance to win. Tbh I don’t know why Dog won the last hero contest Caine has been the most effective hero released in terms of where and what you can use him for. For being a shielder, buffer, crit increase kind of guy…his weapon is actually pretty serviceable especially against energy-types


Siren - probably one of the coolest heroes in game. her skills sync so well.
Beck - underrated yet quite devastating mech damager.
Serial - “Welcome to my war!” nuff said.
Colonel Wesson - amazing support damager and one of the few mechs who can mark the enemy.
Caine - amazing in whatever mode you put him in (except probably coop raids)

honorable mentions:

Clyde - badass design and lines
Prophet - i just love his sound effects. they sound so menacing
Francoise - amazing support and late game damager.


When I first hit 90 and was struggling with Helios, I used to run him, Flat, and Astrix. Got me over the hump. He’s literally plug and play anywhere and he does his job well.


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