How to beat Mission 7-2 in hard mode?

Hi guys !!! This is my first ever post after joining the forum which is 2 days back… i ve started playing HH after the global release which is 45-46 days back and i pretty much love this game… currently i am in team lvl57 and i ve 3 stared every hard mode battle and now got stuck in 7-2 mission. the team i use is mandrake(6*) gold 4, matador(6*) gold 2, gammond(6*) gold 1, dogface (6*) gold 0, ryker (5*) gold 0.
can u guys suggest an idea or tips to beat this pls !!! thanks in advance

i also have got caine (4*) gold 0 , heckler (5*) gold 0 but guess they aint strong enough

Most of Chapter 7 is BS. Instead of requiring strategy or intelligent utilization of power, its mostly going to come down to your raw strength. There are little things here and there you can do to try and manipulate things in your favor, but you’re going to have to wait until you improve a lot more and increase your stregnth.

yea i ve notice it. tbh i was even surprised to beat 7-1 hard mode in the first place. but that just happened. in 7-2 gammond n dogface die instantly aftr few sec which is pretty much annoying and i ve used different combo heros and still i couldnt

7 hard is one of the worst challenges you’ll ever face in the game. It get’s a lot easier after this district.

i need couple of frags to make mandrake and matador to 7 star. and ll give it a try again. thnx mate !! much appreciated

also wait until you get to dist 10 hard ;). 9 extra drake shards a day!

haha i guess that wont happen any sooner. but yea am pretty hyped !!!

Easiest solution, do your daily missions, gear up the heros you like, doesn’t have to be this team, and gain lvls, I see that you’re lvl 57, when you’re doing you dailys you’ll get to lvl 65+ in no time, and it will be easy with the exact same team

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thanks for the tips !! i have never missed a daily missions since i started playing.

the biggest issue with 7-2 is going to be the kunoichi person. they usually can take out one hero with the kunai throws. you need to be stronger and not use the blues since they take more damage. try getting your guys to 70. and the skills to 65.

thnx mate !! will work on it